This is a mix of tutorials I have written, and tutorial roundups. I will keep on updating this list when I post new ones. This list does not include costume and beauty tutorials. Since there are so many of those, they have their own separate pages.

Valentine Envelope Clutch (Fairfield World)

Apron with Oly*Fun (Fairfield World)

Many of my costume concepts and tutorials are here.

Glitter Cat Ears and Tail (Fairfield World)

Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins (Fairfield World)

Autumn Leaves Curtain (Fairfield World)

French Memo Board (Fairfield World)

Geometric Necklace

Lace Applique Necklace

Basic Chain Pendant Necklace

Steer Skull Necklace

Skull and Heart Necklace

Miniatures Pendant Necklaces

Heart Fingerprint Necklace

Conversation Heart Necklace

Separated Triangles Earrings

Stacked Triangles Earrings

Shrunken Skeleton Earrings

Bike Tube Earrings

Mini Bottle Cap Earrings

Acorn Cap Earrings

Basic Stud Earrings

Jem's Synergy Earrings

Paper Rose Earrings

Jewel Pop Cuff and Earrings

Lace Applique Cuff

These are projects and tutorials created by my daughter Alex, with minimal assistance.

Tote Bags


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