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HOME DECOR | Cats Only Painted Wood Stool

I painted this wood stool for our cats only. They are a fan of sitting at the kitchen window watching wildlife...mostly our front yard. They also watch our neighbors and greet us excitedly at the windows. I might make a skinny bench by the front door too. I found this stool at AC Moore after several store searches. I tested it out for sturdiness before purchasing. Now, this doesn't mean I stood on it. I just checked the joints and levelness. Like with most of my artwork, I paint in layers. I like the contrast of colors and finishes, especially shiny and sparkles! You can alter the color palette to suit your decor. There are tons of DecoArt paints to bring your cat stool goals to fruition. The candy colors match my 50s diner inspired kitchen.

DecoArt provided me with their paints for this project. They didn't pay me. All thoughts, opinions, instructions and images are my own. I use Amazon Affiliate links. Any purchases made using these links will result i…

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