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HOME DIY: Colorful Chubby Chef Wall Art

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I painted this colorful chubby chef several months ago during my blog break. You also know that I had my kitchen remodeled. More on that later. Heck I haven't even shared having our 2 full bathrooms turned into one mega bathroom...2 years ago. I digress, follow me on Instagram for that instant content. Anywho, I kept some of our old kitchen decor, but several pieces were donated, as they didn't match our new kitchen, which has a retro 50s-60s vibe. If you've ever wondered what my artwork would look like as a colorful room, it's our current kitchen. I really liked this chubby chef wall art, but it was black with odd green dry brushing and the details didn't stand out. Paint is a great way to makeover mass produced art, like this chubby chef, to match any decor.

DecoArt provided with their products for this project. All thoughts, opinions, instructions and images are my own. I use Amazon Affiliate links. Any purchases m…

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