Saturday, November 21, 2015

COSTUME DIY: Zombie Bride Costume and Update

I know, we're approaching Thanksgiving and Winter holidays season, and I'm posting a Halloween costume. It was a last minute costume, that I had months to make, but as the Queen of Procrastination, I made it in a day, and styled my daughter in it the next morning...on Halloween. She went as a crazy doll, which I also helped her with. I'll include that photo too, because she looks adorable...I mean soooo scary. She looks like a super sweet doll, which is what most people comment that she looks like upon seeing her for the 1st...and proceeding times. I swear she's the typical tween...moody, selective hearing, slacker, working her eyeshadow skills...which is pretty much me at that age too. I can hear my parents complaints in my head right now. I'm getting off topic.

HALLOWEEN! I made a lot of costume projects this year. So many that I was ready for Christmas by the time Halloween finally hit. You pro crafters know what I mean. Working on those Christmas projects in October, while ignoring those "It's not even (insert Fall holiday) yet!" whiners. They don't know our life! I made SIX costume pieces for Fairfield World, using OlyFun, from August through October. You'll see more of this fabric for Christmas projects. If you've been stalking my Instagram, you've seen me painting patterns on it for a week...which was really just a few hours, but I took my sweet time. It wasn't a happy week. I'm going to have a happy weekend though! Determined to put up our tree and start decorating!!!

On ClearSnap and Walnut Hollow, I cranked out Day of the Dead and Halloween projects. While online I seem heavy into Halloween, I'm really more into Day of the Dead, which is how I decorated my house and the colors will carry into Christmas decor. You all know I love a sugar skull, so the more I make, the merrier I am. If you haven't, you should check out all the skully goodness I made for Skull-A-Day, back in the days when I 1st started writing tutorials. Eternally grateful for my best guy friend, Noah Scalin, for giving me the go ahead and motivation to do this. Now if I could only get some real motivation for other things I want to do, but that's not for here now.

Which reminds me to pair up with DecoArt again for more Winter projects. I'm now part of their Blogger Outreach Program, which is awesome! Do you know how much paint I go through? Probably not, but if you look around this blog at any point this year, it's paint heavy. They liked the Walnut Hollow projects I've been cranking out. While I was visiting my grandma for her birthday, they asked me to work with them. Insert happy wiggle dance while sitting on my hotel bed, which made my dad laugh. My grandmother has cancer for the 4th time, on top of having advanced Parkinson's, dementia, and early Alzheimer's. A quadruple doozy

That's a lot of projects. I'll be sticking with Fairfield World going into 2016, because OlyFun is amazing, they came out with METALLIC OLYFUN and a new fabric Aluminor, and I love our design team. Looking forward to playing with those metallic fabrics. If all goes well, I'll have at least one Christmas tutorial with the metallic OlyFun! I also have a growing stack of thrifted wood projects. I'll be back to videos soon as I rearrange my recording space to have better natural light. I wish I had an assistant to reorganize my messy studio, so maybe that's something to come in 2016. Some company would be nice, if anything. That pesky tween is good in spurts. Assistant in training! I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving. If you're a loner, who can't get home to see family, check out groups for other local loners who want to have a meal together. It's a great way of meeting new people and you already have something in common...needing people to hang out with on Thanksgiving. You might meet your soulmate, best friend, or just some cool people to do stuff with. Everyone deserves to have a great Thanksgiving. I have three...two separate family ones, because our parent sets aren't fond of each other. I think we're getting a few loners at my parents, that are my brother's friends. The following Sunday, we're having our traditional Friendsgiving with awesome friends old and new. That's a thing you could do too, because your friends will probably be back from family by Sunday night. However you spend your Thursday, make memories!

Almost forgot, here's my dollbaby. That big bow is this Oversized Bow Headband. I created her 1st winged eyeliner! Also, the round cheeks and doll lips. This was the day before Halloween, when she went to school. She had on a bloody handprints apron I'd made for my own crazy doll costume, a few years back. For Halloween, she added eyebrows and dummy mouth lines.

Friday, November 6, 2015

HANDMADE HOLIDAYS BLOG HOP: Metallic Contrast Paper Necklace

This is the 1st day of the 3 day Handmade Holidays Blog Hop, featuring over 80 gift ideas. My go to handmade gift is always jewelry. For this blog hop, I made this Metallic Contrast Paper Necklace, with sponsored products from DecoArt, ClearSnap, Thermo-O-Web, and Pink and Main. I've made several paper necklaces in the past. This one includes paper that has been hand foiled and stamped, mixed with ready made printed foil papers. Take these techniques and apply them to your own paper craft designs. After you make the necklace, craft some matching earrings!

These links are to show the products only. I will not get compensated if you use them. The linked companies provided me with their products for this blog hop.


1) On chipboard, measure and cut out pieces 1/2 wide by the following:

  • 2 - 4" long
  • 4 - 3.75" long
  • 4 - 3.5" long
  • 4 - 3" long
  • 4 - 2.5" long

2) Glue together matching pieces using Decou-Page Gloss and the flat paintbrush. Press together with your hands or under a heavy book.

3) On a piece of white cardstock, spread some iCraft® DECO FOIL™ Liquid Adhesive with your finger. Let dry completely.

4) Lay a sheet of iCraft® DECO FOIL™ Transfer Sheets in Silver over the dried glue. Burnish with your fingers. Carefully pull the foil sheet up. Repeat this step until you can't get any more foil to stick.

5) Using the triangles stamp from the Pink and Main Directional Borders cling stamps, the solid scalloped edge from the Dollface cling stamps, the full and half lace from the Bubbly Card Borders cling stamps, long acrylic stamp block, and Beyond Black ink, carefully stamp over the freshly foiled paper. The stamps are very sticky. I removed some of that stick by rubbing my fingers over each stamp before inking and stamping with it. Space out your stamped images, for easy cutting later.

6) Figure out which part of each paper you want to use for which layered chipboard piece. Work one layered chipboard piece and paper at a time. Apply Decou-Page Gloss with the flat paintbrush to one side of a chipboard. Press firmly onto the paper, smoothing it out. Let dry for a few minutes. Then, trim off excess paper around the chipboard piece. Seal top with another layer of Decou-Page Gloss. Let dry until not sticky. Repeat for each paper and chipboard piece.

7) Apply Decou-Page Gloss with the flat paintbrush to the back of a layered chipboard piece. Press onto white cardstock. Let dry. Trim around the chipboard pieces. Seal cardstock with another layer of Decou-Page Gloss. Let dry until not sticky. Repeat for each chipboard piece.

8) With the hand drill, make two small holes in the upper two corners of each necklace piece.

9) Insert one jump ring into each necklace piece hole.

10) Find the center of the chain. Using jewelry pliers, attach the necklace pieces to the chain, with the jump rings.

11) Add the lobster clasp and tab to the chain ends with two jump rings and jewelry pliers.

That's all for this tutorial. DecoArt has several Americana Decou-Page papers you can choose from. iCraft® DECO FOIL™ Transfer Sheets and ClearSnap Craft Inks come in many colors. Border stamps work best for this project, but feel free to mix up the styles. Use different colors of cardstock and chain. Personalize the necklace for the recipient...or treat yourself! Whatever you chose to make, have fun with it! Happy Makery!

These are the participating blogs for today, November 6th, 2015.

Handmade Holidays is sponsored by these companies, who graciously are offering goodies for a mega crafty giveaway! Sure to get you in the handmade holiday gift mood!

This is the mega prize pack with over $600 of craft supplies! Enter to win, on the Rafflecopter widget below! I'm even in awe! Good luck and happy makery!

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

COSTUME: Jafar from Disney's "Aladdin"

This is my costume take on Jafar from Disney's "Aladdin" movies. His costume has many layers. I simplified them for easier wear. You'll need a black v-neck maxi dress over a red v-neck long sleeve shirt. If you're in a colder climate and can find a red bell sleeved top, use that over a black long sleeve v-neck shirt. Over the dress you need a red wide belt or cummerbund. If you can find a black and red reversible cape with a collar, that would finish off the clothing portion of this costume. For shoes, his are brown and curl up. This isn't a practical Halloween costume brown flats will be fine. Bonus if you have pointed toe flats. The turban trend comes in handy here. You need a black one. Add gold stripes and a red feather (which I couldn't find a good image for) to finish off Jafar's turban. If you like props and can find a gold snake head cane, that will finish off the costume. Otherwise a regular cane or gold snake bracelet will do fine. Bonus, carry around a stuffed Iago, his traitor parrot.

For makeup, bold eyebrows are a must. Since this is a lady version, skip the facial hair. For eyes, something smokey and mysterious looking with eyeliner all around the eyes. Lips are neutral, so a pink or nude color will be fine. While he technically doesn't have painted nails, some black polish will make your fingers stand out as you point at and curse people. Have a blast this Halloween being whoever you chose!

HOLIDAY DIY: Papel Picado Necklaces

I'm wrapping up this spooky season with one last Day of the Dead project. In conjunction with the 2nd Annual Dia de los Muertos Blog Hop, organized by Rebel and Malice, I created DIY papel picado necklaces. These are an updated take on the traditional papel picado, made with tissue paper. If you're into the more traditional kind, check out my Skull Papel Picado Tutorial, I did back in my Skull-A-Day project days. These necklaces make us of a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, which saves your hand from laborious cutting. I made three designs which you are welcome to duplicate using my Papel Picado Necklaces Silhouette Cameo Cut File. I made 3 sizes for you. The smallest is for these exact necklace. The bigger ones can be use for little banners. If you want banners, you don't have to make all the paper layers the necklaces need. You can just back the papel picado with colored cardstock, punch corner holes, and string with baker's twine. You can resize the files to your needs.

After the tutorial, keep heading to the bottom to see the other blogs participating in the 2nd Annual Dia de los Muertos Blog Hop. Also, there is a GIVEAWAY, so make sure to enter that!!! Details at the bottom of this post!

Plaid Crafts (Mod Podge) and ClearSnap provided me with their products for free. I only use products that work well for the projects.
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Computer with Silhouette Studio software
  • Wide flat soft paintbrush
  • Small stiff paintbrush
  • Small sharp scissors
  • Large heavy book
  • Fiskars hand drill 
  • Tiny drill bit
  • Wire/chain cutters
  • Jewelry pliers


1) Open the Papel Picado Necklaces Silhouette Cameo Cut File in Silhouette Studio on the computer. Select what size necklaces you want. Delete the other sizes, so only one size is cut later. If you only want one design, but want multiples, delete everything but the one you want. Then, duplicated it as many times as desired, spacing out the duplicates about 1/4" from each other.

2) Add a piece of black cardstock to your cut mat, smoothing it down for the best adhesion. Load the mat into your machine. Set your Silhouette Studio cut settings to cardstock and adjust your Silhouette Cameo blade to the suggestion. Mine is at 3. Send the file to Silhouette Cameo. After the file is completely cut, unload the mat from the machine. I cut all 3 sizes and designs.

3) Carefully peel the papel picado from the cutting mat. Poke out any negative space pieces where needed.

4) With the paintbrush, apply an even coat of Mod Podge Ultra Matte Chalk Finish to a corner section of colored cardstock. While the glue is still wet, press the papel picado piece onto the glue. Add a 2nd layer of Mod Podge to press the paper into the 1st layer and to seal it. Repeat for every papel picado piece and cardstock color. Let dry completely

5) With the small scissors, cut around the papel picado border, removing the excess colored cardstock.

6) Working quickly, with the paintbrush, add a layer of Mod Podge to the chipboard. Press the cardstock backed papel picado onto the chipboard. Lay wax paper on top and press under a heavy book for an hour.

7) Remove papel picado from wax paper pressing. With small scissors, cut around the papel picado border, removing the excess chipboard.

8) With the flat paintbrush, apply a layer of Mod Podge to black cardstock. Apply the layered papel picado. Lay wax paper on top and press under a heavy book for an hour.

9) Remove papel picado from wax paper pressing. With small scissors, cut around the papel picado border, removing the excess cardstock.

10) Using a small stiff paint brush and Marisa Pawelko Modern Surrealist Surfacez Ink in Beyond Black, color the edges of the layered papel picado.

11) With the flat paintbrush, seal the papel picado back and sides with Mod Podge.

12) With the hand drill, carefully drill one hole in each top corner of the papel picado.

13) Cut the 15" chain in half, with the wire cutters, making two 7.5" pieces.

14) With the jewelry pliers open one jump ring. Slip the jump ring through one hole and add one end of chain. Close jump ring with jewelry pliers. Repeat for other hole, chain, and 1 jump ring.

15) With the jewelry pliers open one jump ring. Slip the jump ring through one chain end and add the lobster clasp. Close jump ring with jewelry pliers. Repeat for last jump ring, 2nd chain and closure tab.

When you are finished, your necklaces should look similar to mine.

That's all for this project. If you love papel picado, check out my other related projects. This Cut Paper Sugar Skull was my 1st nice tutorial. It's still one of my favorites and hangs in my house. If you'd like a necklace version of that one, check out my Cut Paper Skull Pendant. It's the same instructions as the big version, but scaled down into a pendant. As we head into cold weather and Winter, my Skullflake tutorial is ever popular...actually my most popular tutorial that gets reproduced every year by happy people wielding craft knives and paper. I hope you've enjoyed all the Day of the Dead and Halloween projects I've been showing you how to make lately. Now look below for more projects made by other blog hoppers and enter both giveaways! Happy Makery!

Meet the bloggers who are joining the 2nd Dia de los Muertos tour. They will be bringing you a variety of inspired crafts, stories and a few freebies. Here is the full schedule if you missed a day. 

Monday October 26 - Rebel and Malice - From a Box - Sews n Bows
Wednesday October 28 - Paisley Roots - AmandaRose - Phat Quarters
Saturday October 31 - Just Add Fabric - Filles a Maman 
Sunday November 1 - House of Estrela
Monday November 2 - Rebel and Malice

Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter. There will be a small giveaway for a copy of the DVD "The Book of Life"  and a copy of the book "Rosita y Conchita" by Erich Haeger and Eric Gonzalez. They are not affiliated with this website or giveaway. 
Due to the nature of the giveaway, the book and DVD will only be available to residents of the United States and Canada. There will be a separate giveaway for any digital items such as PDF patterns or gift cards.  

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

COSTUME: Doctor Facilier

For this costume, I chose the villain Doctor Facilier from Disney's "The Princess and the Frog". This character has roots in voodoo and New Orleans culture. He wears burgundy pants and tail coat, with a purple vest and red cumberbund. I wanted to update the style and make it more feminine for a crossover costume. A purple vest is a hard find, but a purple tank works well. While I chose a skirt for this look, you could wear burgundy pants instead...should you be able to locate those rare pants. This burgundy or "Marsala" color is Pantone's color of the year, and in high demand this Fall and Winter, as it falls into that spectrum of seasonal colors. I chose a draped cardigan instead of a jacket, as those will be easier to find this season and more practical. If you can't find or don't want a wide red belt, use a piece of red fabric wrapped and tied instead. He wears black shoes and white spats. Instead of those, I chose oxford heels. A flat or boot version would look good too. I decorated a top hat to match his. I recommend doing this with a cheap costume top hat. You'll need red ribbon, a purple feather, and a skull with crossed bones, which can be paper. Lastly, you need a skull mask. I used this lace one, as it was the best I could locate. Pop up costume shops should have half skull masks. Optionally, are some props...a cane, voodoo doll and skull pendant. Also, tarot cards, which I didn't add. This is if you want to really get into character, but I prefer costumes where I don't have to carry anything around, personally. For jewelry, I chose a gold spike necklace, to resemble his necklace, and gold skull earrings. For makeup, a smokey eye would look mysterious under the mask, paired with oxblood lips. This is a classic makeup look. You don't want anything too crazy, when you're wearing a mask. More dramatic looks might be more noticeably smudged when the mask is removed. Whatever you chose to become this Halloween, have fun with it!

Doctor Facilier


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