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For Halloween, I made this bat wings clutch purse with Fairfield WorldOlyFun fabric and Stiffen Interfacing. I can't resist making quirky bags, especially with OlyFun, which cuts like paper and doesn't fray. This bag has a Velcro closure, eliminating a fussy zipper. This purse size is big enough to hold the essentials without being clunky. The wristlet strap makes this bat purse easy to carry.

Fairfield World provided me with their products and paid me to create this project. All images, instructions, and opinions are my own.
Fairfield World OlyFun in Jet BlackFairfield World Stiffen Double Sided Fusible Interfacing1" Black VelcroBlack threadGrey threadTOOLS: Bat imageClear quilting rulerPencilWhite chalk or pencilScissorsSewing machine INSTRUCTIONS:

1) On the Stiffen Interfacing, with the clear quilting ruler and pencil, draft two 18" by 9" rectangles. Cut out both rectangles. Mark the center of both rectangles. Sketch out half of a bat shape, and cut it ou…

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