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VIDEO: Art Supply Haul

As you can see, the video thing is catching momentum again. This is good, because it's a lot faster to film and edit a video, than to photograph steps and write tutorials. I'll still be writing tutorials, but heck you all might get MORE tutorials by me using video too. In the meantime, here is a humorous Art Supply Haul that I filmed yesterday. Watch it until the end for a scene reenactment from a favorite movie. I quote this scene often, since it's a metaphor about perspective.

Today, I'm photographing a China cabinet temporary makeover, filming a watercolor travel kit project, filming an unboxing of Oriental Trading products, and making a wall hanging with most of those products. I'd photograph that outside, but it's raining today. Great for soft lighting, but not for photographing extra shiny metallic orbs. More on those thing in different posts.

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