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HALLOWEEN DIY: Creepy Eyeball Roses Halloween Floral Arrangement

I've wanted to make a Halloween floral arrangement using creepy eyeball roses for years. I finally got around to making that happen, using Fairfield World OlyFun, pipe cleaners, plastic eyeballs and hot glue. OlyFun comes in 19 colors that you can mix to create a custom floral arrangement. OlyFun cuts like paper, doesn't fray and takes hot glue well, making it perfect for this project. These flowers look complex, but the petal and leaf shapes are basic, using layers to create drama.

I'm a designer for Fairfield World. Fairfield World and Adhesive Technologies provided me with their products for this project. All opinions, instructions, images, and ideas are my own.
2 - OlyFun Craft Pack in Jet BlackOlyFun Craft Pack in SlateOlyFun Craft Pack in Cherry PopOlyFun Craft Pack in BrickOlyFun Craft Pack in JellyOlyFun Craft Pack in OrchidPlastic eyeballsBlack pipe cleaners/chenille stemsPlastic cauldronFloral foamTOOLS: Wire cuttersScissorsAdhesive Technologies two tempera…

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