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Way back 2012, I was sitting in a small hotel room in Tennessee with my little family, armed with a laptop and lots of downtime. I was looking at shoe makeover tutorials and thought "Hey, I should do a round up series on many ways to turn old shoes into custom kicks."...or something to that effect. Then, I wrote five posts about add Gems, Glitter and Sequins, adding Studs, Spikes and Chains, Covering with Fabric, Lace and Paper, Temporary Additions, and Painting Them. To my shock, this series is still getting a huge amount of traffic. In fact, people Googling for various shoe tutorials is my main site traffic. Of course I've done my own Shoe Tutorials since then too, which get their own traffic.

I get the occasional email asking ME to makeover their shoes. It's always the same two questions "Can you dye/paint my suede/fabric shoes for me?" and "How do I cover my shoes (usually specifying shoe type) with fabric?" I'll be honest, I've never …

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