Who is Abby?

I'm a crafter and artist in Richmond, VA. I come from a very creative family. I love making anything, but my favorite things to make are fashion related. I have been hand sewing since I was 4 years old, according to my great aunt. I started machine sewing at 12, and making clothing at 15. I took this love of sewing and fashion, and obtained a degree in Fashion Design. I'm a wife and a mother. When my daughter was in Kindergarten, I decided to rekindle my love of fashion and created this blog. I write tutorials for mostly fashion and home based arts and crafts, follow the seasonal runway shows, keep on top of latest trends while infusing my own style, and discuss beauty. I occasionally teach classes for a variety of crafts, depending on the needs of the request. I love learning new crafts and adding them to my existing skill set. I currently sew, crochet, decoupage, create jewelry using a variety of materials, upcycle old things into wearable items, paint, and what ever else strikes my fancy. As my daughter transitions into being more independent, I've been able to focus on expanding my crafty career.

I am part of the Fairfield World design team, DecoArt Bloggers Outreach Program, and an Oriental Trading Blogger.

I've made projects and created tutorials for many websites, including Skull-A-Day, Fairfield World, ClearSnap, Walnut Hollow, Craft Paper Scissors, Craft Test Dummies, Oriental Trading and DecoArt. My work has been featured at Gallery Five in Richmond, VA; The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, PA; The Huston Quilt Market in Huston, TX; and Creativation (formally CHA) conference in Anaheim, CA. It's also been shown on HSN, in product promotions and packaging.

What is a "Crafty Lady"?

When my daughter was a baby, I met up with a couple lady friends at my parents' house to make a craft. My mom made the comment that we were a group of "crafty ladies", and it stuck. I'm not fond of the term "woman" to describe me. I prefer "lady". My best friend, Kit McSmash, and I started meeting up regularly and having "Crafty Lady Days". The "Crafty" part refers to someone who is very creative and perhaps a bit sneaky. My mom has also commented that my paternal grandma, if she was still alive, would have enjoyed seeing all the different kinds of stuff I make. She was a very creative lady and fantastic cook. She made mostly quilts, of which I still use 2 of them daily. The quilts I use are comfortable, warm, and keep my deep connection to her. All of the ladies (and a few gentlemen) in my family share similar talents and an insatiable desire to create, making us all Crafty Ladies and Gentlemen. When I created this blog and was trying to think of a name, I didn't want to use my normal moniker, "Azurafae", so I came up with "Crafty Lady Abby", since that was also suitable. It's what some people call me now, which always amuses me, because only Kit, my mom, my husband, and I knew what the name came from. Now you know too.

Need more inspiration?

To see what my current inspirations are, check out my Pinterest. I do a lot of research for any of the projects and posts I work on, so that's the perfect place to see what I'm brainstorming about. You can find hundreds of outfits I've put together on my Polyvore. If you need some outfit inspiration, check out those. I love when other sites share my projects, and create Press. If you choose to share my work, please link back to the original post the images and project came from. Also, email me, so I know that you wrote about me!


The easiest way to contact me to email me. 

A resume is available upon request.

Do not contact me about guest posts. I write all of my own articles. I will do sponsored posts if they are PAID and fit my brand. Just like you can't get coffee for free, you can't get sponsored articles for free. All sponsored posts will be disclosed as being a sponsored post. You must disclose the company you are working for and include a website, or I will ignore your email. I will respond to collaboration emails at my own will. Do not email me multiple times asking for free articles.


In addition to this blog, my solitary and collaborative work can also be found on other websites.



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