HAIR ACCESSORY DIY: Printed OlyFun Feathers Fascinator

I've been playing with the new Plaid Fabric Creations line and OlyFun. I choose to combine the feather and Indian leaf stamps, for a graphic take on a normal feather fascinator. Something this fabulous needs some sparkle. I used Gem-Tac and the new Crystal Kubaton from the Crystal Ninja, Kellie DeFries, to add flatback crystals. This fascinator is lightweight and durable. It's a no-sew project, with a great impact. I chose black OlyFun, silver ink, and clear crystals, but you could change the colors if desired. I wanted something classic and sophisticated.

Some of these links are Amazon Affiliate links. If you purchase something using these links, I will receive a small commision. This all goes back to making more projects. The OlyFun, Plaid Crafts, Beacon, and Crystal Kubaton items were provided to me by the manufactures or creators. I wouldn't share how to use anything, if I didn't like it. All of my opinions are honest based on my personal use.


1) Cut a piece of Jet Black OlyFun about 12" by 6". Put it on top of the foam printing mat.

2) Squeeze a little silver ink onto the paper plate. Dip a sponge cube into the ink, blotting some onto the plate, to even out the ink a bit.

3) Sponge the ink onto one stamp, making sure it's even and not too thin. It might take a few tries to figure out the best amount, which is normal. Quickly, press the stamp down onto the OlyFun rectangle, and press firmly. Repeat with the other stamp. You need one print of the Indian Leaf stamp and 10 feathers (but you can do more feathers if desired). Let the images dry for a few minutes.

TIP: Use a plastic container of water nearby, so you can put your inked stamps into it after use. This will prevent the ink from drying on the stamp, before you can wash it completely. When you are ready to wash it, use a small scrub brush and a bit of dish soap to gently clean the stamps. Plaid has a cleaning brush for these stamps. You want to get any ink from the surface, crevices, and sides. Let dry before storing.

4) Turn your iron to a low dry setting. I found the silk setting worked well. The ink must be set, but OlyFun can't get too hot, or it will many synthetic fabrics do. Put the Olyfun under your pressing cloth. I put mine between a folded piece of white cotton fabric. Press the fabric for about a minute, so the ink sets.

5) Using the small scissors, carefully cut out all the pieces, following the outlines.

6) Arrange your feathers and leaf into your desired fascinator shape. I work in layers, for better design depth. Starting back to front, I have 3 feathers, 4 feathers, and 3 feathers, making sure the spaces are staggered. The top layer is the leaf.

7) Cut a 4" x 4" OlyFun square. Turn it at a diagonal, on your work surface.

8) Apply a little Fabri-Tac to the back bottom of one feather. Press it at the top point of the square. Glue one feather on either side of that feather, for a total of 3 on the 1st layer. Add each additional feather and layer in the same way. Apply glue to the full back of the leaf print. Press it at the bottom of the 3rd feather layer, covering the feather ends. Look over the fascinator for any loose edges, and neatly glue them down.

9) Using the small scissors, neatly trim any excess backing fabric around the edge of your fascinator shape. I just had some along the bottom.

10) Squeeze a little Gem Tac onto the paper plate. Pour out some gems onto the plate.

11) Pick up one gem with the tip of the Crystal Kubaton. Dip the gem back lightly into the glue. Apply the gem to the fascinator, anywhere you think could use a sparkly accent. Repeat this step until you've added all your desired gems. I used all clear gems, but you could use colored gems if desired. I used the printed designs as my gem placement guide. I kept my gem placement symmetrical.

12) Cut a 2" by 2" square of OlyFun. Slip it into the bobby pin.

13) Flip the fascinator over. Squeeze some hot glue onto the bobby pin back. Quickly press it onto the back of the fascinator. Lift up one edge of the square. Squeeze a line of glue under the square. Press the square over the glue and press with your fingers. Repeat for the other loose edge.

I meant to make my bobby pin open at the top, not bottom, as that is easier to put on later. I'll attempt to fix this later.

That's all for this tutorial. Like I mentioned before, you can change up the colors and arrangement if desired. This fan shape is one I prefer for fascinators. I love incorporating OlyFun into lots of crafts, as it's a non-fraying fabric, has some stiffness, and cuts like paper. It also takes inks and paints fairly well. I've been experimenting with glues for no-sew projects. I've found the Beacon Fabri-tac works well if you use a light amount. The Gem-Tac holds the gems securely onto the OlyFun...and other fabrics. The hot glue bonds well. I've tried a bunch of glues with OlyFun and found the Beacon ones to be the best. The low temp hot glue worked well too. It bonded without melting the OlyFun, so I'll be using that in more projects too. That's all of today. I'll have a no-sew headband coming up over on Fairfield World. You can head over there now to check out all of the past projects I've made! Happy Makery!


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