SHOE DIY: Galaxy Sneakers

I've been wanting to make galaxy shoes for years. I found plain black sneakers at Five Below recently, for $5. They are the perfect base for a paint makeover. I used a variety of Tulip Fabric Paints to make these sneakers out of this world. You use my tutorial on any canvas or cotton shoes, bags, hats, accessories or clothing. This paint bonds to the fabric and is flexible, making it perfect for wearable projects.

  • Black sneakers - I found mine at Five Below
  • Tulip Soft Matte Fabric Paint in Red, Azalea, Pink, Navy, Royal Blue, Grape, Platinum Metallic, and Glacier White
  • Tulip Soft Glitter Fabric Paint in Diamond
  • Tulip Glow in the Dark Dimensional Fabric Paint in Natural Glow, Blue, and Pink
  • Small stiff round paint brush
  • Detail paint brush
  • A cup of water and paper towels - To wash and dry brushes in between colors
  • A plate - To use as a paint palette
  • Wax paper - To protect work surface from paint

My video tutorial shows how I painted this pair of sneakers. The design is up to you. Thanks to my daughter for modeling this for me this morning, as rain was sprinkling on us.


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