JEWELRY DIY: Oly*Fun Geometric Earrings

These geometrics earrings are made from my stash of Oly*Fun scraps. You can use any colors or shapes that you want. I came up with this project, while testing different glues for adhering Oly*Fun pieces. Aleene's Tacky Glue and Fabric Fusion failed, making the pieces easy to peel off. E6000 and Beacon Fabri-Tac held the best, but still not perfect. Unlike most fabrics, Oly*Fun isn't woven. It's has a texture, but isn't porous enough for glues to permeate and adhere it well to itself. My friend Twinkie Chan (or as I call her, Stephanie), suggested Aleene's OK to Wash, since she works with yarn and felt often...both hard to adhere items. Anyway, on with the project.

  • OlyFun in Jet Black, Bubblegum, Orange Crush, Kiwi, Clover, Sky Blue, Blueberry, Orchid, and Jelly. You can use scraps of any colors you have
  • Beacon Fabri-Tac
  • 2 Large Earring Posts
  • Scissors

1) Using Jet Black Oly*Fun, cut 4 rectangles 2" by 4". Set aside 2 rectangles for the backing.

2) Cut small triangles from your colorful scraps. I cut two triangles of each color.

3) Apply a little Fabri-Tac to the back of one triangle. Press down onto one Jet Black rectangle. Repeat with more triangles, overlapping them into a design that is centered. Repeat with a 2nd rectangle. The two earrings can be different. Allow the rectangles to dry.

4) Line up a backing rectangle to the back of the design rectangle. Figure out where you want the earring post to be, so the post back is easily covered. Poke the post through the backing. Repeat for the other backing and design rectangles set. Remove the posts from the holes.

5) Apply Fabri-Tac where the post back touches the backing rectangle. Poke the post back through the hole and press onto the glue. Repeat for other post and backing.

6) Apply Fabri-Tac evenly to the backing. Press firmly onto the back of the design rectangle. Repeat for the other earring. Let them dry completely.

7) Cut away the excess fabric, following the edges of the design, leaving a little black boarder.

8) Wear the earrings!

You can alter this project for a necklace, broach, bracelet or barrette. Use appropriate hardware inserted the same way I did the earring posts, so they stay attached securely. Like I mentioned before, you can use any colors (it comes in 18 colors) and shapes you want. Just be conscious of the size. The Oly*Fun will stay bendable, but more sturdy, in layers. Though these are over-sized, they are still light-weight. You can add more pizzazz with dimensional paint and metallic paint markers. I think these are wacky enough the way they are. What ever you do, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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