HOME DECOR DIY: Sterling Silver and Violeta Jumbo Cuddle Pillow

Shannon Fabrics gave us Fairfield World Master Makers another cuddle challenge, featuring their Sterling Silver Cuddle Cakes paired with their Mar Bella collection. I chose some Violeta colors. My family loves these challenges, as this fabric is so cuddly soft. I normally do fashion based projects, and was planning on a big bag, but realized I didn't really "need" another bag. What we need is huge comfy pillows, as our old ones are sad or overstuffed...rendering all of them uncomfortable. My husband lounges on the floor, while watching TV. His pile of deflated bean bag chairs, worn out pillows and blanket lumps, is just sad. He's constantly adjusting everything, in an effort to be more comfortable, as it slums against a hard wood toy box (which contains movies). I surprised him last night with this huge soft pillow, for which he happily snuggled into, stating he loves the soft fabric so much, that he wouldn't care what the print or color was. We all agreed I should make more pillows and some blankets. I'm not likely to show anyone how to make a blanket, as it's not my strong point, because they always turn out with some weird lumps and creases. Pillows though, I can handle. Ok, enough rambling, time for the tutorial...that thing you came here for.

The linked supplies were provided to me by Shannon Fabrics and Fairfield World. The links are NOT affiliate links, but for reference.


NOTE: All seams are 1/2" from the edge. First, the seams straight stitched to attach the pieces. Then, they are zig zag stitched within the 1/2" edge, to bind the edges better.

1) From the Sterling Silver Cuddle Cakes pack, separate out 2 embossed paisley and 2 solid squares, in light and dark grey, for a total of 4.

2) Cut the Granada Cuddle Violeta evenly in half lengthwise, making two long pieces.

3) With the sewing machine, stitch the Cuddle Cakes squares together, into a long strip. I alternated paisley/solid/paisley/solid. Make sure when you run your hand over the fabric, it goes smooth or rough all in the same direction. This is called the "nap" of the fabric, which is common for any soft textured fabric like fleece and velvets.

4) Stitch the long Granada Cuddle Violeta pieces onto either side of the Cuddle Cakes. Trim any excess fabric, after zig zag stitching the seam edges. This will make the pillow top.

5) Lay the Madrid Cuddle Violeta onto the pillow top, fronts facing. Use straight pins to attach the pillow top flat. I find this fabric to be temperamental in large sections, so if it doesn't lay perfect, it's ok. Once it's stuffed, any wonkiness won't matter.

6) Stitch around the pillow top, leaving one end open where the cuddle cake is. Cut off any excess fabric. You can use large scraps for future projects.

7) Trim the corners at an angle, being careful not to cut through the straight stitching.

8) Turn the pillow inside out, shaping the corners into nice points.

9) Stuff the pillow with Poly-Fil. I had my daughter stuff the majority of it. I readjusted any lumpy or sagging sections. You want the pillow full, but not over stuffed, or it won't be soft enough for cuddling.

10) Fold in the edges of the opening. Using straight pins to close it.

11) Thread the needle with an arm's length of thread. Double the thread over. Double knot the ends together.

12) Stitch the seam together, using an invisible stitch. This mimics the straight stitching of the seam, making the opening seam blend in with the other seams. If you don't know what an invisible stitch is, here is a great video showing how to close a pillow. The stitch has a few different names, for the same technique.

13) Give the pillow a big hug, because you're done!

I used the cuddle cuddle cakes and from the selected collection, for this challenge. You can use any of the cuddle cakes and cuddle fabrics that you desire. You can make them any size you want. Longer would make a great body pillow, or floor pillow which could be handy for sleepovers. Happy Makery!

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