JEWELRY DIY: Oly*Fun Gems Earrings

These DIY gem earrings are made with Oly*Fun, which is a non-fraying fabric that cuts like paper. I was inspired by brightly colored gems in 80s cartoons...and probably before that too. These earrings are vivid and quirky. The Oly*Fun is very lightweight, making it great for huge earrings that won't strain your lobes. You can make these in any of the bright Oly*Fun colors. Make these any size or shape you want, because you have to wear them!


TIME: About 15 minutes

  • Oly*Fun Craft Packs in Blueberry, Sea Green, and Bubble Gum
  • 2 Silver jump rings
  • 2 Earring hooks
  • A black Sharpie or fabric marker
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Scissors
  • Straight pin
  • A paper towel

1) Cut out three pairs of matching triangles from the Oly*Fun.

2) Lay them on a paper towel, so each set of 3 reverses.

3) Draw geometric gem designs on the triangles using a black Sharpie or fabric marker.

4) Arrange the triangles up for each set, so one point of each triangle lines up.

5) Use a straight pin the pierce the triangles. Wiggle the straight pin to enlarge the triangles.

6) Open the jump rings with the jewelry pliers.

7) Insert the jump rings through the sets of holes.

8) Add an earring hook to each jump ring.

9) Close the jump rings with the jewelry pliers.

10) Insert the the hooks into your pierced ears, and rock them like an 80s cartoon lover.


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