HEADWEAR DIY: DIY Painted Feathers Straw Trilby Hat

I painted feathers on this straw trilby hat for my daughter. She claimed this  hat when I brought it home from Target. I have a straw sunhat for myself, which I'll paint in a different style soon. To me, painting is about enjoyment, not perfection. These feathers use layers of colors, inspired by various watercolor and ink artwork I've seen. If you do the splatter painting all over the hat, do that 1st before adding the other details. Mine was an after thought. Also, protect your work surface well, because the splatter will go farther than you think it would. You should see my arms, table, and back of my cell phone. Honestly, my white cell phone case looks much nicer with rainbow splatters...my dad agreed. This took me about an hour and a half to paint. You can watch the tutorial over on my YouTube channel.

  • A straw hat. Mine is a trilby style, often misnamed a "fedora". You can use any style of straw hat that you like
  • Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Matte in Royal Blue, Leaf Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Glacier White
  • Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Glitter in Diamond
  • Various small paint brushes
  • Newspaper to cover your work surface
  • Wax paper to cover right under the hat. It prevents the hat from sticking to the work surface while drying
  • A foam plate for a palette
  • A cup of water and paper towels to wash the brushes and your fingers in between colors. Splattering makes for messy fingers
To see how I painted this hat, watch my video tutorial!


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