Crafty Lady Abby's Monstober 2021

This year, I'm hosting Crafty Lady Abby's Monstober, a monster themed drawing challenge. Participation is totally optional. This is mostly for me to produce spooky artwork to make into prints and jewelry. Should you participate, tag me on Instagram @CraftyLadyAbby and use #Monstober 2021, so I can see your work and share it on my stories. There are several Monstober 2021 lists from other artists, so find one you like, if mine isn't your favorite. Happy Makery!

Google weirdly disabled the service where you get email notifications when I post here, so I don't know how you're going to see this. It's still worth making a post though. It's perplexing why they did that. I guess people don't use blogs much these days, myself included. Follow me on FacebookInstagram and TikTok for artsy and cat content. Plus you can see snippets of me drawing these monsters and the finished pieces, which are my favorite ways to use social media. Bye y'all!


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