HOME DIY: Delivery Ring Doorbell Painted Sign

I hand painted this "Delivery Ring Doorbell" sign, because I work from home and don't always hear someone on my porch or a knock to know when packages have arrived. Package theft isn't a huge problem where I live, but it's better to be safe than sorry. This is my 3rd rendition of this sign. The USPS, UPS and DHL delivery people always ring the doorbell, even when the sign wasn't up and I was repainting it. Amazon however, ignores the sign and won't take the extra second to do this. I swear I'm going to put a small sign by where they leave packages and take delivery photos, so they definitely see it. I repainted this sign to be boldly colorful with clear instructions.

DecoArt provided me with their products for this project. All photos, opinions, and instructions are my own. I use Amazon Affiliate links. Any purchases made using this links will result in Amazon paying me a small commission. This doesn't affect your purchase price.

1) If you are starting off with an old sign, wipe it clean with a damp rag. If it's extra dirty, use some soap and a scrub brush. Dry off with a clean rag. Allow to dry before moving forward with paint.

2) Using Chalky Gesso, prime the front, back and sides of the sign. I used two coats on the front and sides to cover the previous artwork. Let gesso dry between coats. If the surface isn't completely smooth, which is common with wood or old signs, use fine grit sandpaper to smooth out dry surface between coats.

3) Pour a little Bubblegum Pink, Carousel Pink, Peony Pink, Dragon Fruit, Razzle Berry, and Watermelon Slice onto a paper plate. Using a flat paintbrush, apply these colors to the sign in a patchwork style, overlapping the edges. Let 1st coat dry. Paint 1-2 more coats onto patches that are sheer. The patchwork should be opaque.

4) Pour a little Pink Chiffon and a drop of Razzle Berry together onto the paper plate. Add a little water and stir to mix the thinned paint color. Using a fan brush, splatter that paint color onto the patchwork layer. Tap the brush to control the splatter. Turn the sign to make sure all areas have some splatters of this color. Repeat the splatters with Cherry Red and Cherry Red with a dot of Red Violet, both thinned down with a little water. Repeat splatters with Celebration Pink and Sizzling Red at full strength.

5) Using Red Violet and a small paintbrush, carefully paint the edge molding. Let dry. Repeat with a 2nd coat. Paint Berry on top of Red Violet for a metallic sheen. If your sign doesn't have an edge molding piece, you can either skip this step or add a boarder.

6) You can hand draw your letters 1st in chalk or pencil, but I wrote them out on paper to get the letter count for spacing and painted directly onto the project. With a small liner or round paintbrush, carefully paint your letters using Bluegrass Green, Blue Violet, and Dioxazine Purple. I widened the letters up as I painted, so they showed up well against the busy background. I oriented my letters to the left, leaving plenty of room for the arrow.

7) Using Primary Yellow and a small round brush, paint a thick arrow after "Ring". Let 1st layer dry. Repeat with 2nd layer and let dry. Using Splendid Gold, go back over the yellow arrow. Let dry. Repeat with 2nd coat for an even opacity. Let dry. Paint 2-3 layers of Gold Craft Twinkles onto the gold arrow. I applied my layers of Gold Craft Twinkles thickly for maximum glitter. Let each layer of glitter dry before adding another, or the arrow will get lumpy. The last layer will take the longest to dry.

8) Using a wide flat paintbrush and DuraClear High Gloss varnish, seal the whole project. This is a thick varnish, so one coat well applied should be enough. I sealed the front and sides, waiting for them to dry, and sealed the back. Once the whole sign is dry, look it over for any non-sealed areas. Go over those areas with varnish too, so the whole sign is sealed.

9) Using the hammer, add the sawtooth hanger to the top center back of the sign with the two nails. I was changing the orientation of the sign, so I had to add new hanging hardwear.

10) Using the hammer and a nail, hang the sign by your doorbell or door.

This is one of those projects where you can pick whatever color palette you want. I can't paint my house outside, but I can brighten it up with cheerful decor. The nice thing about doing the patchwork and splatter is that the texture disguises any texture remaining from the old letters and images. I can't tell where they were previously. I'm hoping this sign is effective. Our USPS guy likes my bright decor. I wonder what he'll think of this new sign. He always rings the doorbell when he delivers a package, which is what inspired me to make a sign for all deliveries in the 1st place. The UPS guy rings the doorbell too, due to the sign and sometimes helps me bring in big packages like the heavy shelving I bought for the dining room. Whatever you're making, have fun with it! Happy Makery!


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