ROUNDUP: Years of Rainbow DIY Projects

It occurred to me recently that I've created a lot of rainbow projects over the years and shared them with you all on this site. Being that June is LGBTQ Pride month, it's time for a long overdue roundup of my favorite rainbow DIY projects. From housewares to clothing to accessories, I have you covered on something that will visually show your love of rainbows and LGBTQ Pride.

As an openly bisexual woman (though I'm thinking queer or pansexual is really more accurate), I have a penchant for rainbow crafts. Granted if you aren't part of the LGBTQ community, you can still be an ally and show your support like my husband does. I'm working a new rainbow project, because it's become my yearly tradition. Rainbows, like like being LGBTQ, is year round celebrating of life, love and existence. Whatever you are positively celebrating, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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