HOME DECOR DIY: Rainbow Pinata Fringe Pillow

This Rainbow Pinata Fringe Pillow is perfect for Summer, LGBTQ Pride, and dorm decor. I chose a rainbow color palette, to match the original LGBTQ flag, since June is pride month. You could make this pillow in any color combo, from the 18 colors and 4 metallic OlyFun fabrics. OlyFun doesn't fray, cuts like paper, and is durable, making it great for a colorful fringe. My eldest niece is off to college soon, and is in need of cool decor. I didn't need yet another pillow for my house, so I offered this one to her, which she excitedly accepted. Head over to Fairfield World, to make your own Rainbow Pinata Fringe Pillow.

As always, Fairfield World provided me with the OlyFun and Poly-Fil for this project. They paid me to create this and other projects. 


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