SEWING DIY: OlyFun Rainbow Round Outdoor Sit Upon

Warm weather brings thoughts of festivals, picnics, sports, beaches, and vacations. This outdoor sit upon is made with Fairfield World OlyFun, which cuts like paper, doesn't fray, and is colorfast. In between the Slate OlyFun layers is Fairfield World Extra Loft Batting for extra padding and to create a quilted texture. I used a rainbow color palette for the top design, inspired by LGBTQ pride month and the beautiful flowers of Spring.

Fairfield World provided me with their products for this project. They paid me to create this project.

All of the instructions are in the DIY OlyFun Rainbow Round Outdoor Sit Upon video tutorial.

The round shape is the perfect size for single person sitting. Double the circle size for a duo or lounging. The sit upon folds and rolls up with the help of two ties, for a lightweight easily transportable seat. You can make this project in any of the 19 OlyFun colors and any desired shape. There are metallic OlyFun colors too, but they are better for decoration than any utilitarian use like this sit upon. For extra wetness protection, back both Slate OlyFun pieces with Shield Liner Fabric. For washing off any dirt, I recommend hand washing. Definitely don't put it in the dryer or iron it, or you'll have a sad day. Hang it up to dry. Whatever you are making, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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