HALLOWEEN DIY | Vampire Candy Corn OlyFun Pillow

This vampire candy corn might be the silliest pillow I've made, especially using Fairfield World OlyFun. Sometimes the wackiest and most wonderful ideas come to me right before I get up for the day. This pillow popped into my head, so I asked me daughter if she'd want it or if I should make something else. This close to Halloween, I didn't want to make another Halloween costume. Especially since I have a long list of Halloween Costume Ideas and several Costume Tutorials already. In our house, spooky decor is year round, so this will fit perfectly in my daughter's bedroom. Though it's quite possible I'm planning a cute winter pillow too.

Fairfield World provided me with their products for this project. They paid me to create this project. All photos, instructions, and opinions are my own. I use some Amazon Affiliate links. Any purchases made using those links will result in Amazon paying me a small commision.
1) With the ruler, pencil, and scissors, draft and cut out the following rectangles
  • 30" x 8"
    • 2 in Lemon Drop
    • 2 in White Snow
  • 30" x 10.5"
    • 2 in Orange Crush
2) Forming two sets, layer the rectangles in the order of white, orange, and yellow. Pin the long edges of each set right sides together. Load the sewing machine with white thread. Straight stitch the seams 1/2" from the edge. You'll have two striped panels.

3) Hand press the seams towards the orange. Make the stitch length slightly longer. Topstitch 1/4" from the previous seams, securing that seam fabric flat. Repeat with the 2nd panel.

4) Lay the panels right sides together, matching up the stripes. Fold them in half lengthwise, pining the layers together. With the pencil, sketch out half of a candy corn shape. This is basically a triangle with curved points. Adjust the pins to be inside that pencil line. Cut through all of the layers, along that pencil line. Open up the panels and readjust the pins to go around the new edges.

5) At the sewing machine, stitch around the shape about 1/2" from the edge, leaving a 12" gap at the bottom for turning and stuffing.

6) Cut slits along the curves, about 1/2" apart, making sure not to cut through the stitching. Turn the pillowcase inside out, shaping the curved corners with your hands.

7) Insert a folded piece parchment paper inside the pillowcase, spreading it out inside. With a pencil, sketch out a goofy cartoon vampire face. I started with the big eyes. Then, drew the mouth and fangs. With black paint, fill in the eyes and mouth. With white fabric paint, fill in the fangs and give the eyes cartoon highlights. Rinse the paint brushes. Let the 1st paint layer dry. Paint a 2nd layer of both paints, for better opacity. Rinse out the paintbrushes and remove excess water with a paper towel. Let the paint dry completely. Remove the parchment paper.

8) Through the pillowcase gap, stuff the pillow with Poly-Fil. Try to fill the corners and smooth out the stuffing as good as possible.

9) Close gap with straight pins. Cut a long piece of white thread. Insert one end of the cut thread through the hand sewing needle. Match up the cut thread ends and double knot them together. Using a blind hem stitch /invisible stitch/ladder stitch (all the same thing), close up the gap. Tie off the thread into the fabric. Insert the needle under the seam a few inches. Pull the needle up and tug slightly. This should make the finishing knot disappear. Cut the excess the thread.

10) Hug your pillow. This distributes the Poly-Fil well and pillows are just fun to hug.

This year, I focused more on home decor with my Spooky Halloween Applique PillowsOlyFun Halloween Pumpkin Wall ArtCreepy Eyeball Roses Halloween Floral Arrangement, & Eye See You Candy Tray. If you're like me, spooky decor is good for year round. However, if you're like me and make lots of things, you might be thinking about Winter holiday projects. I'll have TWO TREES this year! So fancy! They'll have two different decor styles, which will be cool to put together. As always, there will be several DIY projects involved, so check back here for more on that. Whatever you're making, have fun with it. Happy makery!


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