HALLOWEEN DIY: Creepy Eyeball Roses Halloween Floral Arrangement

I've wanted to make a Halloween floral arrangement using creepy eyeball roses for years. I finally got around to making that happen, using Fairfield World OlyFun, pipe cleaners, plastic eyeballs and hot glue. OlyFun comes in 19 colors that you can mix to create a custom floral arrangement. OlyFun cuts like paper, doesn't fray and takes hot glue well, making it perfect for this project. These flowers look complex, but the petal and leaf shapes are basic, using layers to create drama.

I'm a designer for Fairfield World. Fairfield World and Adhesive Technologies provided me with their products for this project. All opinions, instructions, images, and ideas are my own.
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Technologies two temperature hot glue gun
  • Adhesive Technologies multi-temp full size hot glue sticks
  • Silicone craft mat

1) Cut the black pipe cleaners in half with the wire cutters.

2) Plug in the hot glue gun and add a hot glue stick if needed. I finded turning the glue gun to high helps it heat up fast. Turn it back to low for adding petals. Set the gun on a silicone craft mat, so any glue strings and blobs will be easy to clean up.

3) Insert floral foam into the cauldron. Use scissors or a blade to cut the foam to fit. Use hot glue to adhere multiple foam sections together, but don't glue the cauldron. I added a layer of foam in the middle to help give the arrangement more height.

4) Cut the OlyFun into different petal shapes in different sizes, from small to large, slightly increasing the sizes for a nice scale gradient. All petals should taper towards the bottom, but the tops can be flat, curved or pointed. Keep the petal shape consistent per flower. The smallest should be bigger than the eyeball at minimal. I only used the Orchid OlyFun to make long fringed strips for an eyelash type center.

5) Start with the small petals. On the underside of the eyeball, add a line of glue from the center bottom headed upwards. Lay the tapered bottom of a small petal on the glue line. Roll it against the silicone craft mat. The top of the flower petal should curve outwards from the eyeball. Continue to add glue lines and flower petals in this method, overlapping and staggering the petals where needed, increasing the size every 2-3 rounds.

6) For the Orchid fringed strip, apply glue to the strip and roll the eyeball bottom onto it, working in sections. Roll the eyeball bottom onto the silicone craft mat to flatten the strip edge. It's good if the strip overlaps itself 2-3 times for extra eyelash action. Add the flower petals like normal after the fringe.

7) Cut a small rectangle of OlyFun. Cut a small slit in the middle of the rectangle. Bend a pipe cleaner about 1/2" at one end. Slip the pipe cleaner through the slit. Apply a glob of glue to the bottom of the flower. Press the bent pipe cleaner end into the hot glue glob. Slid the rectangle down onto the hot glue and press into place. Add more hot glue if needed, to secure the rectangle.

8) Cut large leaf shapes from the Jet Black and Slate OlyFun. The leaves should be bigger than the flower. Hot glue the leaves to the flower bottom at the pipe cleaner stem.

9) Cut a 3" wide long strip of Jet Black OlyFun. Fold it into 4th (half twice), and cut a leaf shape from the double folded edge, leaving about 1/2" intact at the fold. Loop the leaves over each other at the folds. Wrap the end of a pipe cleaner over the fold and twist into place.

10) Arrange the flowers and leaves into the cauldron by poking the pipe cleaners into the foam. Insert scissors into the foam to make deep holes. This will make inserting the pipe cleaners easier. Place the leaves around the cauldron edge, into the foam. Add roses to fill in the center. I positioned my leaves and flowers towards the front, as this is a mantle arrangement. I used pipe cleaners to secure the cauldron handle upright, so the flowers had more support. I glued black and grey leaves to a full size pipe cleaner. Then, I wrapped that pipe cleaner around the cauldron handle, to cover the handle.

I used these flowers for floral arrangements, but they could be used for wreaths, costumes, garland, and any other Halloween decoration in need of spooky roses. There are lots of different fabric and paper flower shapes that you can use to create your own flowers. OlyFun takes paint well, so you could add details to the petals. Imagine a bouquet of white eyeball roses splattered with red blood-like paint. Those would be a marvelous addition to my DIY Zombie Bride Costume. Also, you could create a crown of roses using my OlyFun Desert Flowers and Succulent Headband tutorial, which would be wonderful for a Frida Khalo costume. Whatever you're making, have fun with it. Happy Makery and Halloween!


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