HALLOWEEN DIY: OlyFun Halloween Pumpkin Wall Art

My porch was in need of some Halloween pumpkins. I used Fairfield World OlyFun, pipe cleaners, zip ties, and circle wreath forms to create some wall art. I plan on hanging my Rainbow Glitter Pumpkins from last year on my large wall. There's a little space beside my door that is hard to decorate. These 3D pleated pumpkins are the perfect scale for that space. These pumpkins can be made in any color and size. I kept mine simple, but you could add painted patterns and jack-o-lantern faces.

I'm a designer for Fairfield World. They provided me with their products for this project. They paid me to create this project. All opinions, ideas, instructions, and photos are my own.
Pumpkins come in many colors and patterns, so here are some other supplies to make a patch of wall pumpkins

1) Open the Orange Crush OlyFun pack. Cut it in half down the long crease, splitting the OlyFun in two long strips.

2) Cut a few orange pipe cleaners in half with the wire cutters. DO NOT USE SCISSORS. The wire in the pipe cleaner center will damage scissors.

3) Pleat one end of an OlyFun strip. Lay it towards the back of the embroidery hoop. Loop a small pipe cleaner over the pleated OlyFun. Twist the pipe cleaner ends together on the embroidery hoop back, to tightly secure the OlyFun.

4) Bring the OlyFun strip across the embroidery hoop, pleat it, and secure it off center making sure the OlyFun covers the hoop side. Repeat this step, going back and forth towards the center, filling in the hoop. If you don't have a long enough section to cover the next area, cut the strip at the last attachment and add a new strip. For the wire wreath form, I secured the fabric between two opposite sections, which caused the pipe cleaners not to slip as much. The Pine OlyFun and wire wreath don't contrast as well as the Orange Crush OlyFun and embroidery hoop, so I photographed the orange pumpkin for steps.

5) Cut a rectangle of Hot Fudge OlyFun. Fold it in half and pleat the short ends together. Use a zip tie to secure it to the top middle of the pumpkin. I placed it between the orange pleated sections.

6) From the Clover OlyFun, cut a large leaf shape and oval. Cut the oval into a spiral, to make a curly vine. Find the middle of the curly vine and place it at the end of the leaf. Pleat the leaf end a bit, to shape the leaf. Use another zip tie to secure the leaf and vine to the embroidery hoop, to one side of the Hot Fudge stem. Using scissors, trim back the excess zip tie tail.

7) If you want to add extra pumpkin details with paint or more OlyFun, this is the time to do that. Let the pumpkins dry completely before hanging.

8) Time to hang these pumpkins. Screw a cup hook into the wall where you want the pumpkin. I find making a pilot hole with a hammer and nail is helpful. Position the hook up. Loop the pumpkin over the cup hook, to secure it on the wall. I added a zip tie loop to the embroidery hoop pumpkin, but the wire wreath pumpkin fit just fine over the cup hook. If you're hanging these inside, you might find that a long nail is sufficient. If you're hanging these outside, choose a space where the OlyFun won't be exposed to rain. I can hold up decently in outdoor spaces like covered porches, but will breakdown in full sun.

I experimented with using other base forms to create these pumpkins, including a macrame hoop, a frame, and foam wreath, but found the embroidery hoop and wire wreath work the best. If you'd like to use glue, the embroidery hoop (thrifted) is best. For pipe cleaners, the wire wreath form worked best. Again, you can add more details using paints or change the OlyFun colors to reflect the wide range of pumpkin colors. Whatever you're making, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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