COSTUME DIY: Zombie Bride Costume and Update

I know, we're approaching Thanksgiving and Winter holidays season, and I'm posting a Halloween costume. It was a last minute costume, that I had months to make, but as the Queen of Procrastination, I made it in a day, and styled my daughter in it the next morning...on Halloween. She went as a crazy doll, which I also helped her with. I'll include that photo too, because she looks adorable...I mean soooo scary. She looks like a super sweet doll, which is what most people comment that she looks like upon seeing her for the 1st...and proceeding times. I swear she's the typical tween...moody, selective hearing, slacker, working her eyeshadow skills...which is pretty much me at that age too. I can hear my parents complaints in my head right now. I'm getting off topic.

HALLOWEEN! I made a lot of costume projects this year. So many that I was ready for Christmas by the time Halloween finally hit. You pro crafters know what I mean. Working on those Christmas projects in October, while ignoring those "It's not even (insert Fall holiday) yet!" whiners. They don't know our life! I made SIX costume pieces for Fairfield World, using OlyFun, from August through October. You'll see more of this fabric for Christmas projects. If you've been stalking my Instagram, you've seen me painting patterns on it for a week...which was really just a few hours, but I took my sweet time. It wasn't a happy week. I'm going to have a happy weekend though! Determined to put up our tree and start decorating!!!

On ClearSnap and Walnut Hollow, I cranked out Day of the Dead and Halloween projects. While online I seem heavy into Halloween, I'm really more into Day of the Dead, which is how I decorated my house and the colors will carry into Christmas decor. You all know I love a sugar skull, so the more I make, the merrier I am. If you haven't, you should check out all the skully goodness I made for Skull-A-Day, back in the days when I 1st started writing tutorials. Eternally grateful for my best guy friend, Noah Scalin, for giving me the go ahead and motivation to do this. Now if I could only get some real motivation for other things I want to do, but that's not for here now.

Which reminds me to pair up with DecoArt again for more Winter projects. I'm now part of their Blogger Outreach Program, which is awesome! Do you know how much paint I go through? Probably not, but if you look around this blog at any point this year, it's paint heavy. They liked the Walnut Hollow projects I've been cranking out. While I was visiting my grandma for her birthday, they asked me to work with them. Insert happy wiggle dance while sitting on my hotel bed, which made my dad laugh. My grandmother has cancer for the 4th time, on top of having advanced Parkinson's, dementia, and early Alzheimer's. A quadruple doozy

That's a lot of projects. I'll be sticking with Fairfield World going into 2016, because OlyFun is amazing, they came out with METALLIC OLYFUN and a new fabric Aluminor, and I love our design team. Looking forward to playing with those metallic fabrics. If all goes well, I'll have at least one Christmas tutorial with the metallic OlyFun! I also have a growing stack of thrifted wood projects. I'll be back to videos soon as I rearrange my recording space to have better natural light. I wish I had an assistant to reorganize my messy studio, so maybe that's something to come in 2016. Some company would be nice, if anything. That pesky tween is good in spurts. Assistant in training! I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving. If you're a loner, who can't get home to see family, check out groups for other local loners who want to have a meal together. It's a great way of meeting new people and you already have something in common...needing people to hang out with on Thanksgiving. You might meet your soulmate, best friend, or just some cool people to do stuff with. Everyone deserves to have a great Thanksgiving. I have three...two separate family ones, because our parent sets aren't fond of each other. I think we're getting a few loners at my parents, that are my brother's friends. The following Sunday, we're having our traditional Friendsgiving with awesome friends old and new. That's a thing you could do too, because your friends will probably be back from family by Sunday night. However you spend your Thursday, make memories!

Almost forgot, here's my dollbaby. That big bow is this Oversized Bow Headband. I created her 1st winged eyeliner! Also, the round cheeks and doll lips. This was the day before Halloween, when she went to school. She had on a bloody handprints apron I'd made for my own crazy doll costume, a few years back. For Halloween, she added eyebrows and dummy mouth lines.


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