HEADWEAR DIY: Oversized Bow Headband

This oversized bow headband shows how to use lace trim in a non-traditional way. I used Oly*Fun, as it doesn't fray, will hold up to kid use and comes in many bright colors...loving this bubblegum pink. The size was chosen by my daughter, who loves to make a statement when she walks into the room. She loves all the wacky hair accessories I've made over the years, and is happy when I make something just for her. Though this always makes my husband gripe, because I don't make him things. I do have some adorable photos of him wearing my girly creations, just for laughs. Anyway, if you find headbands uncomfortable, you can add a barrette or large alligator clip to the back instead.

CRAFT LEVEL: Beginner, all hand sewing

TIME: Varies based on sewing ability



1) Use the ruler and chalk or pencil to measure and mark. Use the scissors to cut.

  • From the Oly*Fun, cut one piece 20" wide by 6" tall and one piece 1.5" wide by 14.5" long.
  • From the lace, cut two piece, 21" long.
  • From the batting, cut 4 layers 19.5" wide by 5.5" tall. Stack the batting together and set aside for now.

2) Onto the large rectangle of Oly*Fun, evenly space the two lace pieces. Straight pin in place.

3) With white thread, hand sew the lace into piece across the top and bottom, hiding the stitches along the thick sections of the design. Keep all knots on the back. Remove all the straight pins.

4) Fold the Oly*Fun rectangle in fourths towards the center, with the ends overlapping about 1/4" for seam allowance. Press with your hands. Straight pin the long sides in place.

5) With the pink thread (I used white), hand stitch straight along the top and bottom, making sure to keep the overlapping ends free. I stitched straight across twice for each side, filling in the gaps with the 2nd pass.

6) Turn the bow inside out. Shape the corners and flat with your hands. Turn in the overlapping center seam.

7) Fold the batting in fourths towards the center. Fold it in half long ways, to make it easier to insert inside the bow. After inserting the batting, smooth it out to fill the bow.

8) Straight pin the center bow seam.

9) Whip-stitch the seam closed. The thread color doesn't matter, as it will be covered later.

10) To make the bow shape, fold it in half. Then, fold the top and bottom back to meet the center fold. This is the back of the bow. Hand stitch the folds tightly into place on the center seam.

11) Center the long strip of Oly*Fun on the back of the bow. Whip-stitch into place.

12) Center the headband on the bottom of the bow. Hand stitch the headband into place, making sure the stitches don't go past the width of the strip. The stitches don't need to be neat.

13) Wrap the strip around the center 3 times, making sure it stops at the center bottom. Straight pin in place. Using pink thread, whip-stitch the strip in place. Remove straight pins.

When finished, the bow headband should look like this.

I made this headband in a color my daughter chose, that matched the headbands we had. I used white lace, but you could dye it any color you want, or use black lace. She wanted the bow on a headband, but you could add a barrette to the back instead, which would probably be more comfortable to wear. You could make the bow bigger or smaller, if desired. What ever you chose, have fun with it. Happy Makery!

DISCLOSURE: Fairfield World provided me with the Oly*Fun, because I'm part of their Master Makers design team. The project, photos, and instructions are my own.


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