Dia de los Muertos is almost here and I've been busy making tons of projects. For this Dia de los Muertos Blog Hop, I created a sugar skull mask using OlyFun, Tulip fabric markers, elastic and a sewing machine. This is a great option for someone who wants to look like a sugar skull, but not wear makeup. Handy for those kids with sensory issues or are prone to smearing makeup. OlyFun is lightweight, durable, and cuts like paper, making it great for this and many other projects. Stick around after the tutorial to see the other bloggers' projects included in the Dia de los Muertos Blog Hop, and enter to win a $200 prize pack from DohVinci, Crafty Chica, and Consumer Crafts! Crafty giveaways are always great!

Fairfield World provided me with the OlyFun and paid me to create this tutorial. Tulip provided me with the fabric markers. I'm an Amazon Affiliate. Any purchases made with the Amazon links, I am paid a small commission. Any money earned normally goes to pay for equipment and supplies.

1) Cut out 3 rectangles of Snow White OlyFun 9" x 6".

2) On the paper, draw a basic skull shape with eyes, nose and outline. Using the fabric tape measure, take measurements of your (or whoever the mask is for) face. You need the width of your eyes from each other, eye length and height, nose height and width, length from below nose to mid-lips, face width, and height from forehead to mid-lips. These are general, and I found needed to be tweaked later for a better fit. Chart the measurements onto your skull drawing.

3) Draw the measurements into a skull shape on one piece of OlyFun. Cut out the OlyFun, following that measured skull shape. Hold up to face and readjust measurements as needed, until you're happy. It's easier to make a pattern from OlyFun than paper, as it's the same final material that will bend around your face. Paper doesn't bend like fabric.

4) Trace the corrected shape onto the 2nd piece of OlyFun. Cut out. Trace that new shape onto the third piece of OlyFun. Cut out. Set your pattern aside. You won't need it again for this project.

5) Match the two skull pieces together. Straight pin in place.

6) At the sewing machine, straight stitch around the skull outline, eyes, and nose, about 1/8" from the edge. Use the small scissors to trim any uneven edges.

7) With the small scissors, cut small flower petals from the Bubble Gum OlyFun. Lay them out around the eyes. The petals closest to the center should be smaller than the outer ones.

8) With a bright pink Tulip fabric marker, outline the eye holes.

9) Lay the flower petals back around one eye. At the sewing machine, with pink thread, straight stitch around the eye, through the petals. Repeat for the other eye.

10) With a pencil, draw the teeth. Trace the teeth with a black Tulip marker.

11) Use the other fabric markers to decorate the skull mask.

12) Cut a piece of 1/2" white elastic large enough to go around the back of your head. At the sewing machine, straight stitch the elastic ends to the sides of the mask.

That's it for this project. Like many of my projects, the colors are up to you. The Snow White OlyFun should still be used, so the colors show up bright. Sugar skulls come in many designs, so feel free to use a different design. I love using florals on sugar skulls, but spiderwebs, crosses, and other motifs are good too. I used white elastic, but you could use a colored elastic to match your hair or mask colors. Whatever you choose, have fun with it! Now onto the Dia de los Muertos Craft Blog Hop and giveaway!!!

Dia de los Muertos Blog Hop
This post is part of the Dia de los Muertos Crafty Blog Hop sponsored by Tried and True and Crafty Chica! Make sure to check out all the other meaningful Day of the Dead projects that celebrate history, tradition, and culture!


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  1. This is so creative! I just got Oly Material sent to me and I can't wait to dig in and craft. You did a great job!


    1. Awesome! Look for the OlyFun Pinterest for inspiration! It's amazing fabric.

  2. yes, yes, yes - totally need to try this - love it!

    1. Excellent! The pattern making is tricky, but the rest is easy! Just sewing & drawing.


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