COSTUME DIY: Dark Fairy Wings Blog Hop

I've loved fairies and fantasy since I was a tiny child. While I love a whole range of fantasy, my favorite has a darkside. These dark fairy wings embrace the eerie side of fantasy, using dragon and tribal inspired shapes. While I chose to use Jet Black OlyFun and a darker theme, you can certainly change the colors and shapes. As with many of my tutorials, this is about the construction technique to create lightweight wings without the hassle of wire, temperamental fabric, and pinching elastic. I used fabric paint to decorate my wings. You can add other dimensional element with Beacon Gem-Tac. It holds gems onto OlyFun well! For tiny stones, the Crystal Katana is a must! Tiny gems aren't recommended for small children, as they can be choking hazards should they somehow detach, so stick with the paint. I kept the costume styling simple...a nice black dress and hair rolled up with some flowers to decorate. You could wear whatever suits your fairy style. These can be unisex, so consider that too. If you find the ties to be too bulky, shorten them and add backpack strap adjusters or buckles. Enough tips, onward with the tutorial!

As always, Fairfield World provided me with their products and paid me to create this tutorial. I'd still recommend these products as OlyFun doesn't need to be hemmed and the Stiffen adds great stability to the wings.

1) Using the regular pencil, draw a wing shape on the Stiffen Interfacing. Cut out the wing with sharp scissor.

2) Trace the wing reversed onto another piece of Stiffen Interfacing. Cut the wing out with sharp scissors.

3) Trace both wings onto Jet Black OlyFun, about 1/4" from the edge. Where the wings taper to connect, extend that about 1.5".

4) Pin the traced wings Olyfun layer to another piece of Jet Black OlyFun, along the wing shape. Cut out the wings. You'll need 4 total Olyfun wings, so it's just easier to cut them in pairs.

5) Sandwich the Stiffen wings in between the matching OlyFun wings. Straight pin around the edge.

6) At the sewing machine, with black thread, straight stitch around the wing. Remove straight pins as you stitch. Continue stitching around the wing area, following the shape, creating a quilted appearance. Repeat for 2nd wing.

7) Cut out a piece of Stiffen about 2" wide by 1/2" less than your wing taper height (3" for mine). Cut out two pieces of Jet Black Olyfun 2.5" wide by your wing taper height (3.5" for mine). Cut 4 pieces of OlyFun 30" long by 2" wide.

8) Fold a long strip inward lengthwise, overlapping the edges slightly. Zigzag stitch down the strip, securing those edges and flattening the folded strip. Straight stitch at both ends. Repeat for the other 3 long strips. This creates 4 tie straps to hold the wings onto a person.

9) Pin two straps on wing at the taper, overlapping about 1". Straight stitch around where the wing and straps overlap. Repeat for other wing and straps. This makes the straps securely attached to the wings.

10) Butt the wings together at their taper. At the sewing machine, straight stitch the Stiffen rectangle over the wing tapers. Zigzag stitch down the center, to secure the tapers together stronger.

11) Cover the Stiffen rectangle with one OlyFun rectangle.

12) Flip the wings over. Match the 2nd OlyFun rectangle edges with the 1st. Straight stitch around the edge. Stitch an X across, corner to corner, to bind that section stronger. This is the outside of the wings.

13) Squeeze a little Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Metallic Platinum onto a plate. Add a little water to thin it for easier painting. With a liner detail paintbrush, add designs to the wings. Try to make the wings symmetrical.

14) On the OlyFun rectangle, paint at symmetrical design. Let the wings dry completely before wearing.

15) Tie the wings onto the wearer's shoulders.

16) Have a friend take jumping photos of you taking off!


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Whatever you choose to be this Halloween, have a wonderful time! Happy Makery!


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