For Halloween, I made this bat wings clutch purse with Fairfield World OlyFun fabric and Stiffen Interfacing. I can't resist making quirky bags, especially with OlyFun, which cuts like paper and doesn't fray. This bag has a Velcro closure, eliminating a fussy zipper. This purse size is big enough to hold the essentials without being clunky. The wristlet strap makes this bat purse easy to carry.

Fairfield World provided me with their products and paid me to create this project. All images, instructions, and opinions are my own.
  • Bat image
  • Clear quilting ruler
  • Pencil
  • White chalk or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

1) On the Stiffen Interfacing, with the clear quilting ruler and pencil, draft two 18" by 9" rectangles. Cut out both rectangles. Mark the center of both rectangles. Sketch out half of a bat shape, and cut it out. Fold the bat shape in half, tracing the other half. Finish cutting out the bat. Trace and cut out this bat shape on the other rectangle.

2) Using a Stiffen bat and white chalk, draw a bat shape that is 1/2" larger all around onto a piece of Jet Black OlyFun. Details like the head and feet will be adjusted later. Layer 4 Jet Black OlyFun pieces. Pin the layers together inside the bat shape. Using scissors, cut out the bat shapes. I folded the bats in half and evened up the shape where needed.

3) Lay a Stiffen bat onto the layered black bats. Adjust the shapes where needed. On the Stiffen bats, I adjusted the wing shape, trimmed off the feet and ears. I repeated the shape alterations on the 2nd Stiffen bat. On the black bats, I shaped the head more.

4) Cut a strip of Velcro that fits from one black top wing point to the other. Yes, it's ok if it's close to the edge. Separate the Velcro. Pin each piece to a black bat. Load the sewing machine with black thread. Sew the Velcro in place, around all 4 sides, making sure to backstitch.

5) Layer a black bat, a stiffen bat, and a black Velcro bat together, making sure the Stiffen bat is centered. Pin in place. At the sewing machine, sew around the bat top. Repeat with other bat pieces. I sewed by the Velcro, but ended up having to remove those stitches to insert the wristlet strap. Leave the pins in place along the bottom, to keep the Stiffen bats from shifting.

6) With white chalk and a bat image as a guide, sketch out the bat shapes on the black bat front and back; not the Velcro sides. If you make a mistake, dust off the chalk or use a little water to remove the mistake. The bat front and back don't need to be identical.

7) Load the sewing machine with grey thread. Working in sections, sew over your chalk lines. I defined the feet in this step.

8) With the ruler and chalk, draft a 13" by 3" rectangle of Jet Black OlyFun. Fold the rectangle inwards lengthwise, overlapping the edges 1/2". Pin in place. Load the sewing machine with black thread.  Straight stitch down the center to secure the overlap. Then, straight stitch down both folded edges, to make the fabric lay flatter. This creates the wristlet strap.

9) Line up the bat layers, pressing the Velcro together. Pin the layers together. In between the 1st wind curve on one side, insert the wristlet strap ends under the Stiffen bats. Pin the strap in place.

10) At the sewing machine, stitch around the bat sides and bottom, about 1/4" from the edge. Do not sew the top again, or the bag won't open. With scissors, trim the bat shape, to make all the black layers even.

You could make this bag bigger and add handles, or eliminate the strap for an handheld bag. OlyFun is a great fabric for quirky bag making, especially spooky Halloween creations. My Bat Wings Backpack is a good kid alternative to the clutch, perfect for trick or treating. My Sugar Skull Trick or Treat Candy Bag can haul lots of sweets or art supplies.My Di$count Univer$e Inspired OlyFun Eye Clutch is another great small spooky bag that's big enough to hold your essentials. Whatever you're making this Halloween season, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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