COSTUME DIY: Trick Or Treat Bat Wings Backpack

Over on Fairfield World, I made a Trick or Treat Bat Wing Backpack with OlyFun, for my daughter. Halloween is quickly approaching and we need to discuss the most important reason we have this holiday. It's to collect pounds of candy to consume, so we keep our dentists in business. If you're an adult, that's the post-Halloween candy clearance sale. For candy collection...aka trick or need a large bag that doesn't hurt your hands from lugging around your sweet treasure. A backpack is great solution. Sure, you could dump out your school backpack and use it, but that's boring. Instead, this take on a string backpack will double as candy holder and costume piece.

If you've ever worn costume wings, you know the commonly used elastic can pull at your arms and become more painful throughout the night. Adding wings to a backpack, takes the pressure off your arms. Safety is always a concern in communities were trick or treating is done at where I live. It's important to have reflective costumes and flashlights. The wings glow in the dark, making you easier to spot at night. If bat wings aren't your thing, you can create other wings, add dino spikes, or a tail instead. While this is meant for Halloween, you can certainly wear this spooky backpack anywhere. If you like the bag style, but want it more every day, add other non-costume elements or just leave it plain. It's a good alternative to string bags that can pull sharply on your shoulders. when too heavily filled.You can even pad the straps with batting, for extra comfort. I'll stop rambling about how awesome this bag is. Head over to Fairfield World to make your own!

I'm a Master Maker for Fairfield World. I create multiple projects each month using their products. Fairfield World provides me with their products and pays me to create projects. The projects and tutorials are always my own creation, in my own personal style. I like to cross-post projects from any of the sites I work for, onto my blog, to direct you to the tutorials. I don't get paid to do that. I want to share my projects with my readers, no matter where the tutorial is hosted. 


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