BAG DIY: Di$count Univer$e Inspired OlyFun Eye Clutch

Ever since seeing Di$count Univer$e's Fall/Winter 2015 collection, I've wanted to make an inspired version of their evil eye clutch bag. I've been working with OlyFun a lot lately, playing with making high fashion and artistic accessories, as a Fairfield World Master Maker. With Halloween season full on in my brain, this was the perfect if I needed bring this bag to life in my own way. I went with a pastel coloration, inspired by a lot of Japanese fashionistas and pastel loving artists I've been following on Instagram. It's bubblegum sweet in that creep it's an eyeball way, which is how I roll. Anyway, OlyFun cuts like paper and doesn't fray, making it a great no-fuss fabric for this project. Though it's not sparkly like the Di$count Univer$e bag, it's a contrast and design that I think Elsa Schiaparelli and Man Ray would enjoy.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate. You should be comfortable drawing, sewing in layers and close to edges

CRAFT TIME: 1-2 hours, depending on how fast you draw and sew

Fairfield World supplies me with the OlyFun for my projects. They paid me for this project, however I'd have made it anyway. The thread links are Amazon affiliate links. They serve as a color guide for your reference. However, if you make any purchases with the Amazon links, I'll receive a small commision. This goes to fund more wacky projects...and pay off those fashion design college loans.


1) On the Jet Black OlyFun, trace the smaller circle object with the white pencil. Cut it out with scissors. This is the pupil.

2) On the Sea Green OlyFun, trace the larger circle object with the regular pencil. Cut it out with the scissors. This is the iris. Pin the pupil in the center of the iris.

3) Place the pinned together pupil and iris onto the Snow White OlyFun. With the regular pencil, draw an even eye shape around them. For precision, you can create a symmetrical pattern of the sclera (the white of the eye) and trace this onto the Snow White OlyFun. Pin the three layers together. Cut out the sclera with scissors.

4) I used a photo of the real Di$count Univer$e clutch as a reference for the eyeliner and lashes. Lay the eyeball onto the Jet Black Olyfun and pin in place. Using the white pencil, draw a stylized eyelash and eyeliner design around the sclera. It should appear symmetrical, but it doesn't need to be perfect. I freehanded the drawing, but use a ruler if desired. Use small scissors to cut out this layer.

5) Lay the pinned eye layers onto the Bubblegum OlyFun. Trace around the shape, leaving about 1/2" seam allowance and connecting the curves to points at the side. Pin all the layers together. With scissors, cut out the pink shape.

6) Trace the pink shape once on Bubblegum OlyFun and twice on Orchid OlyFun. Cut out with scissors and set aside.

7) At the sewing machine, straight stitch around each shape using the matching thread. Keep the stitching close to the edges of the shapes. Don't stitch around the pink yet.

8) Cut a 1 1/2" piece of lilac hook and loop tape. Angle in the short sides, making trapezoids. Cut two 2" pieces of lilac hook and loop tape.

9) Pin the fuzzy trapezoids at the top center of one Orchid Olyfun eye shape. Pin the fuzzy rectangle pieces on either side of the trapezoids, matching up the short sides, so they pieces curve around the eye shape. Repeat this for the other Orchid OlyFun eye shape and rough hook and loop tape pieces.

10) At the sewing machine with lilac thread, stitch around each hook and loop tape piece.

11) Match 1 Bubblegum and 1 Lilac OlyFun eye shape together. With pink thread, stitch 2" beyond the hook and loop section. Repeat for the other Bubblegum and Lilac shapes. This makes the bag opening.

12) Skip this step, if you want a normal clutch bag. I like wristlets better, because I need to two available hands for most things. I'm less likely to lose my bag, if it's attached to me. Measure around your flat hand. Add 4" to that measurement. Cut a rectangle of Bubblegum OlyFun 3" wide by that hand measurement. Fold the Bubblegum rectangle into thirds lengthwise. At the sewing machine, with pink thread, zigzag stitch the folded handle.

13) Match the front and back of the bag together, with the hook and loop tape together. Pin the outer edges together. Pin the handle in the desired position. Angled pointing up on a side of the top curve is comfortable to wear.

14) At the sewing machine, with pink thread, straight stitch around the bag about 1/8" from the edge. Backstitch at the handle and where the bag opening stitching stops and starts, to reinforce those sections. Use the small scissors to trim away any wonky edges, so all the pink and lilac layers appear even.

Like any sewing project, the colors can be changed to suit your style. If you want something less glam, you can certainly make this look bloody. Instead of eyelashes, Cherry Pop blood drips would look hot. Use a fabric marker to add red lines on the white, for bloodshot eyes. OlyFun takes well to fabric paint, so blood splatter is possible. That would be a cool background. All this talk of making it grotesque, gets me thinking about making a hatchet bag. That would be a handy slasher costume accessory that you could store your ID, keys and money it. Certainly a conversation piece! "The drink is X dollars." "Give me a moment while I find money in my hatchet purse." It could be a thing. I'm going to make it a thing. My daughter wants to be an evil doll this year with her bestie, so it's the perfect reason to get extra creepy this year. However, if you're like me, the eye bag I made will be a year round accessory. No excuses needed! What ever you make, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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