HOLIDAY DIY: Rainbow Glitter Pumpkins

Halloween is quickly approaching, so if you haven't decorated, you should get on that!!! Much to my neighbors disgust (literally, they complained in the neighborhood newsletter), I hung these sparkly rainbow glitter pumpkins back in September. Eghads...rainbow...glitter...pumpkins...THE HORROR! I needed some uplifting, so I started decorating early this year. We're well into Autumn now, so your neighbors shouldn't complain if you make and hang this colorful pumpkins. Seriously, if they do, just ignore them, like I do, and keep doing your own quirky decor thing. I'll be rooting for you over here...and admiring your decor from afar.

DecoArt provided me with some of their products for this project. I use Amazon Affiliate links. Any purchases used through these links will result in Amazon paying me a small commission. I include these for product and color references. You're welcome to print out the supply list and buy everything in a store.


1) With a flat brush, apply 2-3 layers of DecoArt Media Gesso White on each pumpkin. Let the gesso dry between layers. The pumpkins I used were originally black, orange, and cream. The gesso covers the original color, creating an opaque white base.

2) After the final layer has completely dried (overnight to be safe), lightly sand any bumps, until the pumpkin texture is smooth. Use a paper towel to wipe off the dust.

3) Basecoat the pumpkin with DecoArt Americana Acrylics using different sized brushes. Add layers, until the color is opaque. When the basecoat is dry, the stems get painted with Dazzling Metallics, and the pumpkin skin gets Glamour Dust. I needed about 2 layers to get the metallic opaque. For the glitter, I used 3 layers, to get the glitter coverage even. Here is a breakdown of the colors for each pumpkin:

  • Skin basecoat - Peony Pink
  • Stem basecoat - Razzle Berry
  • Skin glitter - Celebration Pink
  • Stem metallic - Berry

  • Skin basecoat - Bright Salmon
  • Stem basecoat - Fawn
  • Skin glitter - Tiger Orange
  • Stem metallic - Mink Pearl
  • Skin basecoat - Saffron Yellow
  • Stem basecoat - Fawn
  • Skin glitter - Lemon Drop
  • Stem metallic - Champagne
  • Skin basecoat - Sea Aqua
  • Stem basecoat - Kelly Green
  • Skin glitter - Limelight
  • Stem metallic - Crystal Green
  • Skin basecoat - Ocean Blue
  • Stem basecoat - True Blue
  • Skin glitter - Sapphire Blue
  • Stem metallic - Ice Blue
  • Skin basecoat - Purple Pizzazz
  • Stem basecoat - Lavender
  • Skin glitter - Purple Passion
  • Stem metallic - Purple Pearl

4) Figure out your arrangement. My daughter arranged the pumpkins on the porch floor, deciding on this triangle configuration. Start with your top center pumpkin. Lay the pumpkin against the wall. Use a pencil to mark the top of the stem. The hook hole right below the stem. Remove the pumpkin from the wall. Hammer a nail a couple inches down from the stem mark. Hang the pumpkin on the nail. Repeat this step for the other pumpkins, until they are all hung.

5) Step back to admire your work. Adjust any pumpkins as needed.

That's all for this tutorial. It's just layers of paint really. While I kept my pumpkins pretty simple, you can certainly add more details and embellishments. The skeleton is a find from last year, maybe from Target. The pumpkins are a DIY project, you can make in any OlyFun color...maybe to match the rainbow pumpkins. Whatever you make, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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