HOLIDAY DIY: Painted 3D Wood Star Tree Topper

This painted 3D wood star tree topper is a collaboration with DecoArt and Oriental Trading. I was in need of handmade tree topper for my Christmas tree. I love traditions, so of course a star was needed. At Michaels, I found laser cut 3D star kits. I noticed they made a one sided star, so I bought two kits, with the intention of putting them back to back for a topper. Thankfully, as you see, this worked out perfectly. DecoArt has lots of beautiful acrylic and metallic paints that will suit your decor color palette. I love bright colors for my artwork, so I chose some shades I'm into at this moment. I find that black, white, gold, and silver are great for adding details that contrast well. Oriental Trading reached out to me to become a brand ambassador, which I'm thrilled to do. DecoArt and Oriental Trading have lots of fantastic products, which you'll see in several projects this month. For this project, I chose Oriental Trading's LED Warm White Mini String Lights, so not only was my star colorful from DecoArt paint, but shined brightly. For more holiday decor, check out Oriental Trading's Christmas Store.

DecoArt and Oriental Trading provided me with their products for this project. I was not paid to create this project. All thoughts, opinions, instructions, and photos are my own. I use Amazon Affiliate links. Any purchases used through these links will result in Amazon paying me a small commision. This helps pay for more projects.

1) Open the two 3D star sets and sort the pieces. I put all of the side pieces together and painted them Whispering Turquoise. Paint the star pieces solid colors on all sides. Use black, white, silver, and gold to add simple line and dot designs to the fronts. Make lines with a thin liner paintbrush. Use the brush handle end for uniform dots. Complicated designs will quickly get lost within the layers and tree top placement.

2) Assemble the stars. Line up the side pieces. Squeeze thick craft glue onto the side pieces, and squish them gently together. Clean up any excess glue with your fingers. Let fully dry for a few hours before handling again.

3) Add 6 AA batteries to the light strand's battery pack. Untangle the lights. Divide the strand into 1/5 sections, leaving a little extra by the battery pack. Wind those sections into 2" coils. Insert the coils into the star through one middle section and arrange one coil per point section. For each star point, place one coil loop over a big star point, to prevent it from slipping inside the star. Gently place the star on the tree top, making sure not to tangle or break the light strand.

4) Place the battery pack at the tree back. Place a chenille stem around the tree and battery pack. Twist the chenille stem to secure the battery pack. If the battery pack won't stay still, use more chenille stems to secure it in place. This battery pack has On, Off, and Timer options. I haven't been able to determine how long Timer is, despite using it for hours.

Like I mentioned before...and every can adapt the colors to suit your decor. Personally, I'm big on bright colors and graphic details for artwork, but like neutrals and metallic for other decor items. I'm eclectic and it works for me. I mentioned there will be a few other projects with both DecoArt and Oriental Trading. If you haven't already seen my Colorful Hanging Tissue Fans Wall Decor with Oriental Trading, and my Wood Rainbow Love USA with DecoArt. Whatever you're making, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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