HOME DECOR DIY: Colorful Hanging Tissue Fans Wall Decor

I needed to change out my porch wall decor, so instead of the snowmen from last year, I chose these colorful hanging tissue fans from Oriental Trading. Their blogger coordinator reached out to me to collaborate on a post, but like with many companies I'm doing two posts. The 2nd project should go up later this week. This particular project is easy peasy...well if you're good with a hammer...but who isn't these days. I put this on my porch, and I know you're instantly thinking "Will this hold up to rain and snow?". My porch is covered AND it rained the next day after I hung these. Yes, they held up perfectly. So pick a space and grab your hammer.

Oriental Trading provided me with the hanging fans for this project. All opinions, instructions, and photos are mine. I was not paid to create this project and tutorial.


1) One at a time, assemble the tissue fans. The Bright Tissue Hanging Fans have an adhesive strip, but the Bright Fiesta Party Tissue Fans did not. For the fans missing adhesive strips, I folded over a piece of tape and put it on one side of the paper board. Untie or cut the twine knot. Slip the twine through both holes, line up the ends, and double knot at the paper board. Make a slip knot with the twine, at the paper board.

2) I chose a corner of my porch, with my fans going around a white rocking chair. I started with a few large fans. Hold the fan up to the wall. Press a nail into the wall right above the fan's slip knot base. Remove the fan. Hammer the nail into the wall, until it's sticking out a little bit. Put the fan's slip knot loop over the nail. Pull the tail to close the loop over the nail. Finish hammering the nail in, to hold the fan in place. Tuck the tail behind the fan.

3) Use the medium and small fans to fill in the smaller wall spaces, while keeping the colors balanced. As you can see, I have a lot more hot pink than any other colors, because both sets have hot pink fans.

4) Some of the fans will have twine tails that extend beyond the fan bottom. Cut them to be about 2" above the fan bottom. Leaving them still long, lets the fans be easily reused later for ceiling hanging.

Obviously these fans are very bright and colorful. However, like always you can do this with any color scheme you want to. Oriental Trading has many ceiling decorations and paper lanterns that would work for this project. Look for things with the accordion fold. The accordion fold paper lanterns can be displayed half open, attached to a wall. Check out their party supplies for more things to make your celebration decor awesome.


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