NYC FASHION WEEK: Alexander Wang F/W 2016 - Look #1

I did a review of Alexander Wang's Fall Winter 2016 collection, and felt compelled to put together one look from a favorite outfit. Granted, they won't be a perfect match, but it's to give you an idea of how to achieve a similar look. To break down the look, lets start with the basics, a skirt and jacket that match, which brings me 90s memories of "Clueless"...a modern take on Jane Austen's "Emma". I chose a black quilted leather skirt and fitted leather jacket. The idea is to have two pieces will similar fabrics and simple fitted cuts. Another option for the jacket, is something short and boxy, ala Chanel. For a top, a white cropped t-shirt with easy to read black graphics, hence the vintage inspired "Jurassic World" shirt. Instead of cropped, you could have a longer shirt that tucks in. What you want to avoid is visible bunchy fabric under the skirt, which often occurs when a shirt is tucked in. For stockings, go for basic sheer black, or a design, like these lace ones. Personally, I dislike flesh toned shoes, because the flesh tone that's chosen is often of a unrealistic caucasian person and looks more like leather made of no, that's past my acceptable level of creepy. Instead, a more practical, and less creepy, choice is black boots. I chose ones with spikes. There are thousands of black boots that would look awesome. From ankle bootie to knee high, you're pretty safe with a range of black boots. Since I normally mention cold weather styling, go for thick black tights, and knee high boots, and a long sleeve shirt, to add some warmth. Though the jacket will probably be warm, you could ditch it for a black fuzzy oversized sweater, which would be warm and add to the 90s vibe. I chose accessories that were similar to the designer outfit, a velvet choker, chain necklace, and big earrings. Makeup with a smokey eye, thick eyeliner, and light lipstick. The model has white nails...which to me look like you've added whiteout to your nails. Skip them for a red, black, or other color.

That's all for this post. If I get motivated to keep doing this, I will. Next week is hectic, preparing for the new painting class I'm teaching, and teaching said class. Followed by working on other projects, and trying to keep my creative mojo flowing. Whenever I think of "mojo", I think of Austin Powers, which is another great 90s reference, and that's enough of those for post.

Alexander Wang F/W 2016


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