NYC FASHION WEEK: Alexander Wang F/W 2016

Alexander Wang's Fall Winter 2016 collection feels like a combination of grunge, mod and glam. There is a mix of plaids and stripes, reminiscent of Chanel The black and white stripes, geometric details, and leather gives this collection a rocker edge. The cropped fuzzy tanks and shirts bring more 90s influence to the collection. The 90s revival is in full force. Usually it's done in a very over the top tacky way, which was a big part of 90s culture. However, this collection feels like a fresh interpretation with nice tailoring and styling. I mentioned in my previous fashion show post, that I'd save actual reviews, albeit short, for collections I didn't feel could be easily replicated with existing garments...and this is one of those shows.

Keeping with my traditional review posts, my favorite looks are the 1st, 8th, and 9th looks. Though, I'd like the 9th one better in black, for practicality, I can see the details well on the white. The 1st and 8th looks are a combination of mini skirts, jackets, and little tops. They're a nice mix of classy with the modest coverage of the top and clothing structure, and sexy with the long legs showing. I'd rock this. Now if I were to style an outfit inspired by those to, it would be pretty easy to pull similar items from my wardrobe, but they wouldn't have the tailored fit and style details. Perhaps I should make a styled outfit to show you post maybe?

Alexander Wang F/W 2016

Watch the full Alexander Wang Fall Winter 2016-2017 runway show here.


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