BAG DIY: Abstract Painted Round Case

I found a white round canvas case at Target. I used DecoArt Stylin', Glamour Dust, and Patent Leather paints to give it painted abstract makeover. You might not be able to find this exact round case, but you could use any white canvas pouch or purse. I chose a color palette that reminds me of the water and Spring flowers.

DecoArt provided me with their products for this project. All photos, instructions, and opinions are my own. I use Amazon Affiliate links. Any purchases made using those links will result in Amazon paying me a small commission. This doesn't affect the cost of your purchase. 

1) Unzip the canvas case. Turn it upside down with the top flap laying flat. This makes painting easier. Mix some shades and tones of the Stylin' paint colors to create a range of greens, blues and purples. White lightens colors. Add a little yellow to the green to make a more yellow green. Your colors won't end up exactly the same as mine and that's ok. It's also ok if you use the colors as it or just add a little white and don't get fancy.

Using a flat paintbrush and the mixed paint colors, paint the canvas with patchwork strokes, staggering the colors and sizes of the shapes. Let this layer dry. Paint a second coat on any patchwork that isn't opaque. Let dry. Rinse the brush between colors. Avoid getting paint on the zipper, or the zipper won't work.

2) On the paper plate, add a little water to each paint color to thin the colors for splatter painting. Using a fan paint brush, load it with one thinned paint color. Tap the brush with your fingers, to splatter paint on the canvas case. It's ok if there's some slung lines and drops. If there's some patches without splatter, lightly dab a corner of the fan brush onto the canvas case to make dots. These don't need to be the same size and shape. Rinse the brush between colors.

Repeat this step with each of the darker colors and at least one light color. Don't let the colors dry between layers, so some drops mix with each other.

3) Using the Glamour Dust colors and the flat paintbrush, splotch on glitter randomly on the canvas, overlapping patches with similar shades. This will dry sheer, so don't worry about the tinted glitter color looking to intense while wet. It will look like a more subtle shimmer when dry.

4) Using a round brush, dot on gold patent leather paint in clusters. This take a couple hours to dry. I didn't put any of the gold on the bottom, only on the sides and top.

I've been experimenting with abstract painting the last few years. You might recall the lamp shade I painted a few years ago. It's still in my living room and coordinates with my colorful gallery wall. I'm fond of painting on objects more than standard canvases. It's a decades long fascination with wearing and using my artwork. Whatever you're making, have fun with it! Happy Makery!


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