HOLIDAY DIY: Love and Hearts Abstract Painted Sign

Happy Valentine's Day! I managed to finish a love themed project today! I wrote an informal tutorial over on my Instagram, like I do on occasion. This love and hearts sign is abstractly painted, which is a nice loose style that's about not being perfect. Great for people who just like painting, but aren't interested in always doing precise designs. You should try it. You can use any paint colors you like.

DecoArt, Oriental Trading and AdTech provided me with their products for this and other projects. I genuinely like and use these products regularly. The links are for your reference, not for my income.

1) I used Americana Acrylics in 4 shades of each color group to paint the sign and hearts with painterly strokes.

2) Over the hearts I used the glitter and metallic paints for little patterns. My daughter painted the 1st and last hearts. I added a little sparkle to those too. I find a thin liner brush is great for small details.

3) To assemble the pieces, I used baker's twine from Oriental Trading, with my favorite hot glue gun and sticks from AdTech. I laid out the and cut each baker's twine piece to fit between the sign and heart with an inch overlap on each end for glue. I attached each twine piece with hot glue, making sure to squirt some on top of the glued ends too for extra security.

4) I cut a longer piece of bakers twine and hot glued it to the top of the "love" sign, so it could hang. Try to center this in the best way possible. This isn't a symmetrical project, so weighting it to hang straight is tricky.

I find this multi-temp hot glue holds up pretty well for outdoor projects. Plus my porch is covered, so nothing is getting exposed to rain or snow. Definitely wind though, so I might paint the backs of the hearts if they spin a lot. Normally I would seal the wood after painting, but I'm not worried about humidity in February like I am in the summer.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Do something nice for someone else or yourself. Everyone deserves love and love of one's self is something we all need to work on. Happy Makery!


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