Hello From My Blog Break

Hello there dear crafty people. I'm still alive and making stuff. I'm taking a break from writing tutorials to renew my passion for making things. I know, I know, you all like the tutorials. I might get back into writing regular blog posts again. I might also share painting tips and what not over on my Crafty Lady Abby Instagram. I'm traveling more this summer, enjoying not having deadlines, and have been managing the social media for a dinner party company. If you head over to my Instagram, you will see lots of crafts, cats, and travel, in additional to photos of me making things. I actually do have a lot of things that I mean to write about, but keep putting off in favor of getting paint on my elbows for days. I just want to make things and not write lots of tutorials. Anyway, head to my Instagram. Darcy encourages you to get outside and soak up the sun. Happy travels and makery.


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