HOME DECOR DIY | Metallic Celestial Tuffet Stool

Hello from my house that's being remodeled! Yes, this blog is still a thing that I'm doing. If I could blog from my phone, ya probably would get more content to enjoy. Instead, if you miss me, head over to my Crafty Lady Abby Instagram, especially my stories, for behind the scenes looks at my creative projects, wacky adventures, and cat trio. I will try to share a post about having my kitchen and half bath...but mostly the kitchen...being remodeled is like, with lots of photos of course.

Anywho, over on Fairfield World, I created this Metallic Celestial Tuffet Stool. Y'all know I love painting, but the furniture makeover addiction is forming. For this project, I used a Fairfield World Tuffet Kit (comes with a foam round , batting, and a wood round) and OlyFun, Dritz staples and staple gun (honestly my favorite easy to use staple gun), Jacquard lumiere paints, black canvas and hairpin legs (bought 2nd hand on Ebay). Fairfield World and Dritz sent me the supplies for this project, and Fairfield World paid me of course. You could pick any colors and design you want. I really just wanted to share with you a no-sew way of making a tuffet stool. Also the Jacquard Lumiere paints come in a wide range of metallic colors that you need to try out. The layer of OlyFun on the bottom covers any sloppy stapling you did on the batting and canvas layer, but you'll want the OlyFun layer to be a tad neater. The hairpin legs require a drill, and I broke in my new impact drill (a Valentine's Day present from my hubby) on this project. Anyway, go make this project for your own home. I find it to be handy paired with an armchair for video game duels. I use the Modern Canvas Ottoman (another DIY project) with a different armchair.


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