SEWING DIY | Suede Painted Galaxy Orbit Pillow

This suede pillow features a hand painted orbit design of our galaxy. If you don't know, I have a fascination with space travel and our galaxy. I used Shannon Fabrics Cuddle Suede (a great vegan option) and Fairfield World Poly-Fil Fiber Fill for the pillow body. I chose a neutral color scheme for the hand painted orbit design. You could make it with accurate colors if desired.

Fairfield World and Shannon Fabrics provided me with their products for this project. Fairfield World paid me to create this project. All thoughts, opinions, instructions and photos are my own. I use Amazon Affiliate links. Any purchases made using these links will result in
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  • Scissors
  • White chalk
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Small paint brushes
  • Paper plate
  • Paper towel
  • Cup of water
  • Sewing machine
  • Straight pins
  • Hand sewing needle
1) Cut the piece of cuddle suede in half, along the middle fold, forming two rectangle panels.

2) On one panel, using white chalk, draw out the orbit lines, sun and planets. I looked at a few different orbit designs to find one that would work for this pillow. This is definitely not accurate for how the planets actually orbit, or the planets would orbit into each other. Any errors can be erased with a wet cloth.

3) Pour a little gold and silver paint onto the paper plate. Using small paint brushes, fill in the sun and planet shapes. I used images of the actual planets to pick which were gold (red toned planets and our sun) and silver (blue toned planets including our Earth). For the ring of Saturn, I mixed a little white into the gold paint on the plate, to lighten it. I used that color for our moon too. I asked my little family if I should add all of the moons, but they said no. Less is more to them, but you can decide if you want some comets and other moons too. I like the simplicity without stars, which leaves more cuddle suede exposed. With the white fabric paint and a flat paint brush, paint dashes along the orbit lines. Rinse the paintbrushes in the cup of water. Dry them with the paper towel. Let the paint dry completely before sewing.

4) Load the sewing machine with matching grey thread. Lay the two panels together right sides facing. Sew around all 4 sides, leaving a 6" gap. Trim the corners at a diagonal, making sure not the cut through the stitching. Turn the pillowcase inside out, shaping the corners with your fingers or a chopstick.

5) Fill the pillow with stuffing. I start with the corners and edges, working towards the middle. Make sure to even out the stuffing, so there are no lumps.

6) Turn in the edges of the gap to be even with the seam. Use straight pins to temporarily close the gap. Cut a long piece of grey thread. Put one end through the eye of the hand sewing needle. Line up the two thread ends and double knot them together. Using an invisible/ladder stitch, close up the gap with small even stitches. When the gap is closed, knot off the thread into the seam. Run the needle under the seam, and pull up a few inches away from the gap closure. Pull the thread to bring the last knot into the seam. Cut the excess thread.

7) Give the pillow a hug to even out the stuffing and well because you deserve a hug after finishing every pillow.

This pillow could be scaled to any size. I find that this size makes a great back pillow. You could even make the orbit accurate by using a ruler to space out the planets correctly. I recently bought a lot of metallic fabric paints (a different brand than I normally use) to try out on future projects. Speaking of space projects, I made a Painted Suede Jumbo Moon Pillow and a Golden Moon Phases Garland. You should definitely check those out too. Whatever you're making, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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