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Though I'm a terrible gardener, I do love the appeal of air plants or Tillandsia. You can use hanging or tabletop planters to display them. I saw my 1st air plant as a teenager, when my mom's friend proudly displayed this quirky plant suspended in glass. Succulents and cactuses are a huge plant trend, as they are both low maintenance and have unusual artsy shapes. You can make planters or buy ones ready made. I'm partial to a mix of both.

These projects use a wide variety of materials to create planters for plants. Some planters might not show air plants, but can use used for that too.

DIYS - Crescent Moon Hanging Planter

The Rainforest Garden - Living Mistletoe Cactus for the Holidays

Love + Virus Story - Straw no. Tilan cube made of tree branches 'Tilandia'

Oh So Beautiful Paper - Summer Air Plant Wreath

Adorablest - Plants Rock! Air Plant Display Idea NO.1

Sand and Sisal - Birch Log Centerpiece with Air Plants and Succulents

Some things you could make if you could easily locate the materials. Or, you could save a lot of time and just buy the finished projects from other artists. Some of these items are planters that come with air plants.

Elizabeth Benotti Handmade Ceramics - Air Plant Hanger

Elaine B Jewelry - Brass Coils Air Plant Hanger

Crystroll - Air Plant Troll Planter

Earth Sea Warrior - Stoned Medusa- Antique German Bisque Doll Head Air Plant Garden

Bazaar Baltimore - Racoon Skull Planter

Catherine Karpe of C.K. Seaweeds - Snail Shell Planters for Air Plants

Two Trees Botanicals - Dinosaur Planters

Like I mentioned, I'm terrible at keeping plants alive. Here's a few helpful links to caring for air plants and the different kinds of succulents.

Garden Therapy - How to Keep Air Plants Alive and Healthy
Garden Therapy - How to Revive a Sick Air Plant
Making Mrs. M - Air Plant 101 How to Care for Tillandsia
From Moon to Moon - A Visual Compendium of Succulents

The winter holidays are a few weeks away, so this is a good time to think about gifts and decor. I love the geometric planter made of twigs so much that I'm making a version for my tree. I just shared a few favorite planters, but there is a plethora of ideas. You can make your own gifts or help support artists and small businesses by spending money there. I tend to buy a lot of holiday gifts that are creative things, whether it's art supplies or handmade objects. However, I make my holiday decor often repurposing objects or using laser cut wood shapes. Whatever you're making, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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