If you've been following me on Instagram, you know I've been painting my den teal. I use Pinterest to compile home decor and other project inspiration. Our finished basement is an odd space with lots of walls. It used to be our daughter's playroom, but has long since become a chaotic space mostly used for storage. I've spent a good chunk of time this year making it a functional space. In part, this is inspired by my daughter and her friends that cram into the den to play piano together. A few months ago, I had them help me clean the space and load my car with donations. Last month, I rearranged the den and added a thrifted comfy armchair. My daughter hooked up the TV, added video games and systems. Last week, we added the board games. I'm almost done painting the den, which would have gone faster if I'd purchased eggshell and not satin paint. Whoops. The studio half will become dark green, in which I'll share that inspiration separately. I want the spaces done by Christmas, since I'll have two trees this year and want to put one in the den. Lots of work, but I promise photos when it's 100% finished and gorgeous. For now, here's some inspiration on our den redesign.

I'm in the process of finally painting more than two rooms (my daughter's childhood bedroom and our full bath), which has become a new creative addiction. I love the smell of paint and I'm learning a lot as we go. For example, satin paint shows your painting and wall texture flaws much more than eggshell paint. It also takes more coats to achieve a consistent color. That's a pain in the butt, so don't buy satin paint if you can help it. Eggshell has a low sheen and only takes about 2 coats for full coverage. I've had to use 4 coats of satin to get a consistent color. That's twice as much work and paint. A couple months ago, a friend came over and helped me paint my bedroom dark grey. I guess I should share photos of that. The bedroom is now a nice dark calm space, which is perfect for sleeping. We used eggshell paint for that room and were finished in about 4 hours, with two teen helpers and much more wall space than the den. The den has taken us days, due to arm fatigue and waiting for coats to dry. There's way less wall space in the den than our bedroom. Lesson learned! Whatever you're making, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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