COSTUMES: Doomsday 2017 Post-Apocalyptic Party

On Saturday, I attended the annual Doomsday post-apocalyptic party at our local goth club. This is a huge event every year with about 98% of people dressed like they're in a dystopian wasteland. The club is transformed into a space fit for wasteland warriors. There's always a special show at about midnight, but this year we celebrated the return of our beloved Bob (not his real name) who has been battling cancer for a year. He wasn't able to attend last year, due to being in the hospital. This year, he made a triumphant return. Since this was a special event, I actually made a full costume...well except for my undergarments and necklace. Yep, I even made the earrings. They are from a series using gift cards and making the paint look like metal. They were the most talked about part of my costume, because they are huge, but light due to the material.

The clothing is made from duck cloth (similar to canvas or denim), and different knit fabrics I have in my stash. I chopped up random shapes from duck cloth and draped them on my dressform to create a bodice and waistband. Then, I sewed the pieces together and painted the clothing to look like metal using fabric paint, including dots of dimensional paint to look like rivets. I sliced the knits into different length strips and sewed them on. I added separating zippers to make getting in and out of the pieces. Under my skirt, I wore stretch shorts. I'd had these black boots for about 15 years and their fabric was cracked. A few months ago, I met up with a friend to craft together. We decided to do shoes, so I brought these old boots. I used fabric paints to give them a metal appearance. I built my costume around these boots. The day of the event, I added dots with dimensional paint along the stitching of the boots.

Obviously we need to discuss the makeup. Actually, I made a Doomsday 2017 Makeup Tutorial that will show how I put all of this on. Again, I built my color palette around the costume. I wanted to use more gold, but the cream base was too dried out to spread easily. Oh well, I got lots of compliments on my makeup. You know how contouring your jawline makes it look more defined. Well, making your neck black does the same thing. This is a technique that many ladies have done for past Doomsday parties, so I gave it a try. I plan on buying more theatrical makeup for these sort of dramatic looks.

Halloween is coming up obviously, so you can use my Doomsday look as your costume inspiration. Trust me that it's an awesome party and that people really get into it. If you're curious about how other people look in post-apocalyptic costumes, check out my Doomsday Pinterest Board. There's inspiration for costumes, hair, makeup, and accessories. There's even some gender neutral and guy pins in there. Whatever you're wearing for Halloween or other costumed events, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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