BEAUTY: Garnier Nutrisse in Intense Dark Violet Hair Color Review

Another day, another hair color, and another review. This is the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Nourishing Color Creme Ultra Bold Violet in Intense Dark Violet. That's a super long title for a hair color product, but is handy to have if you like this color and want to find it. As with my past two hair colors, I did a product review for this one. My requirements for a successful hair color for my hair type is that is covers my greys and doesn't fade to orange. This particular hair color didn't adhere to my greys well, which is what most women want in a good hair color. It was orange in tone when removing the excess dye from my skin, which is a huge concern for when it fades. I might have to recolor faster than normal, which is disappointing. I've been coloring my hair since I was 18, so I've tried a lot of colors, mostly in the red family. I've been experimenting with purple box colors the last few times, to see if that eliminates the orange brassy fading that most red colors have. Watch my Garnier Nutrisse Intense Dark Violet Hair Color Review to see how I apply hair color and what it looks like in different lighting.


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