SEWING DIY:Rainbow Striped OlyFun Picnic Blanket

To conclude LGBTQ Pride month, I made this Rainbow Striped OlyFun Picnic Blanket yesterday. It took an afternoon to make. This blanket spreads out large to fit several people. It rolls up small to fit into carryons and tote bags. OlyFun can be machine washed on the delicate cycle and must be hung to dry, which is great for muddy festivals and concerts. Otherwise it can be wiped clean, which is great for picnics. Head over to Fairfield World to make your own Rainbow Striped OlyFun Picnic Blanket.

Here is a teaser video explaining the blanket and showing how to roll it up for transporting.

I'm a project designer for Fairfield World. They provided me with the OlyFun and paid me create this project. If you liked this project, you should check out my other Fairfield World projects.


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