SEWING DIY: Artist Paint Palette OlyFun Tote Bag

This oversized tote bag is inspired by an artist's paint palette. It's made with Fairfield World OlyFun, which cuts like paper and doesn't fray, making it perfect for my kooky bag creations. School is starting up soon for both students and teachers. I have a dedicated teaching bag, but wanted something quirky to bring for meetups with other creative people. The inside is big enough to put sketch books, rulers, drawing supplies, paint palettes, paint bottles, inks and whatever else you need for transportable art making. I suggest putting your phone, ID and money in a pouch before slipping it inside this bag, as it has no closure. Instead of a normal tote bag handle, I was inspired to use the thumb hole of a normal paint palette as a handle, since the bag was oversized. If you'd prefer to put this bag over your shoulder, add a normal tote bag handle to the bag top in between the layers.

Fairfield World provided me with their products for this project. They paid me to create this project and tutorial. All opinions, photos, and instructions are my own.

1) On a piece of Stiffen interfacing or a big sheet of paper, draw a simple paint palette shape. Instead of making the whole thumbsize, make it bigger than the width of your hand. Use scissors to cut out the paint palette shape. If you created a paper pattern, trace it twice onto Stiffen. If you drew on the Stiffen like I did, trace the shape onto another piece of Stiffen. Cut out the shapes.

2) Use one Stiffen paint palette shape and pencil to trace the shape 1/2" larger around onto a big piece of Sand OlyFun. Cut loosely around the Sand paint palette. Cut 3 more Sand pieces bigger than the 1st piece, and stack them together. Use straight pins to keep the 4 layers together. Cut around the Sand paint palette lines.

3) I wanted this oversized tote bag to have big inner pockets. Using one of the Sand paint palettes and a pencil, trace the shape onto another piece of Sand OlyFun stopping at the bottom of the handle hole. Remove the Sand paint palette piece. On the tracing, using a ruler and pencil, connect the two top points. Cut out this pocket piece. Trace the pocket piece onto another piece of Sand OlyFun and cut out.

4) Fold down each pocket's top edge 1/2" and secure with straight pins. Load the sewing machine with tan thread. Straight stitch across 1/4" away from the folded edge. Line up a pocket with a Sand palette shape. Repeat for other pocket another another Sand palette. Using a ruler and pencil, draw a centerline down one pocket, and 8" from each side of the other pocket. Straight stitch down those lines to divide the pockets.

5) From the other OlyFun colors, cut circles that are about 4" in diameter. I played with how to lay them out on a Sand paint palette piece. My daughter ultimately decided that putting the primary colors in the center surrounded by the other colors, looked the nicest. I had cut gold, white, and black circle too, but didn't think they contrasted well against the tan background. Once the layout has been decided, using straight pins to secure them in place. For the silver, only use straight pins on the sides, so no hole is noticeable through the top foil layer.

6) At the sewing machine, stitch around each circle, making sure to backstitch at the end where the stitches overlap.

7) Line up the front piece with a pocket piece, inserting the Stiffen paint palette in between the Sand layers. Make sure the pocket is facing outwards. Use straight pins to secure the edges. Repeat with the Sand back and other pocket piece. Starting right below the pocket top, stitch around the bag top until you reach the other side of the pocket. Stitch around the handle hole too. When stitching, stay close to the Stiffen edge. Repeat for the other layers.

8) Line up all the layers and pin around the bottom and side edges. Stitch around the bottom and side edges, overlapping where the previous stitch started and stopped. Again, follow the Stiffen edge. Do a 2nd row of stitching about 1/4" away from the previous row. This will reinforce the bottom.

Here's a peek at what the inside looks like. I probably should have lined up the pockets better, but hey it's super close to evenly placed.

I chose to use the new Sand OlyFun color as my bag background and lining, taking inspiration from wood paint palettes. You could use any of the OlyFun colors you desire, but neutral colors will make the paint splotch colors pop better. I made my back oversized, but you could scale it down and add a closure for a small handbag. Whatever you're making, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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