JEWELRY: Mystical Moonstone Ring

We've been traveling a lot this year. At every place, I've bought a piece of jewelry...or a few pieces of jewelry. Jewelry is one of those things that rarely stops fitting, and if you're good at picking pieces, rarely goes out of style. I've gotten rid much of my old clothing, as my body changes with age. Even my massive shoe collection got a purge. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you saw when I reorganized my jewelry collection a couple weeks ago. A person from a jewelry company,, reached out to me recently to feature one of their moonstone rings, since my style is very bohemian. They have a huge selection to pick from and awesome styling for stacking rings. I chose the Blossom Bliss ring, since it is wide, but not too chunky, and has delicate florals around the moonstone. I use a jewelry box with a top made for rings. I organize the thinner ones into the slots and the chunky ones into the trays by type. I'm glad this band is thin enough along the bottom to fit into the slots snuggly. If you're really into bohemian jewelry, you should check out wide range of pieces. The quality and details are really nice, in addition to the beautiful details and stones.


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