BEAUTY DIY: Vidal Sassoon London Lilac Hair Color Review

I color my hair every two months, and like to experiment with different colors. I did a Vidal Sassoon London Lilac Hair Color Review to compare this hair color to previous ones I've had. It's lasting really nicely. Even after a day in a water park where it stayed wet, it didn't completely fade. I still prefer purple shades to red shades, because they don't fade to a brassy orange, but to red or brown which is much easier to look at. Still, regardless of the color, I'm at the age where I have so much grey that my roots are very obvious and I have tinted highlights. My natural color is almost black with a large amount of grey sprinkled in. When the grey finally overtakes my hair, I'll look at tinting it pastel colors. I'm an artist who prefers abnormal hair colors on my own head. Anyway, the review video is below.

This Vidal Sassoon London Lilac Hair Color Review shows my previous hair color, how I applied this new hair color, and what it looks like after washing and styling.


  1. That's a very beautiful color on you! Do you naturally have dark brown / black hair? I do so I'm scared to try anything diy lol but too cheap to go spend 200 on a salon job. I've never colored my hair at the tender age of 40 lol... but I'm loving this color on you

    1. Aw thanks. I do have naturally almost black hair. I get dark dyes like purple to medium red shades. I've only tried the Feria & Vidal Sassoon brands. Since you've never colored your hair, have a trusted friend with home gair coloring experience help you. I use a colorist cape & brush from Sally Beauty, to protect my skin & apply color around my head. My previous video goes into how to care for colored hair, so watch that one too. It's a different purple hair color product review


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