ARTWORK: Watch Me Paint Rainbow Flowers in a Vase

This week I recorded a new video where you can Watch Me Paint Rainbow Flowers in a Vase. June is LGBTQ Pride month. Of course I've been working on rainbow colored projects, so a big painting was needed. I normally sit on the couch or at my work table and paint big canvases. For this painting, I used an easel a friend gifted my daughter and painted vertically for the 1st time in about 20 years. Definitely a work out for my arm. Still I really liked painting like this, so I'll definitely do this again. I edited and compressed 6 hours of footage (which is actually a fast painting for me) into a 30 minute video for your viewing pleasure. Should be relaxing.

What should I paint in my next video? I'll pick something colorful and fun of course. Maybe this video inspired you to break out your art supplies and create something glorious. Whatever you're making, have fun with it. Happy Makery!


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