The 100 Day Project - 7/100 Air Plant in a Hanging Terrarium

For another hour quick study, I perused Pinterest and found a photo of a hanging air plant. I liked the symmetrical lines of the geometric hanger combined with the asymmetrical lines of the air plant. The colors contrasted in a nice way. Unlike the peony, I used the shapes as a guide, and changed up the shading to make a better painting. This was mostly for shading and highlighting to make the shapes look more 3D and less flat. Also, blending the colors together where needed, is softer on the eyes. To see my progress on The 100 Days Project, follow me on Instagram.

Whatever motivation I had to do 100 in a row has quickly dissolved as I needed to work on projects that take longer than a day, and traveling for 3 days. I'm hoping to get back into the flow. I don't expect to finish on time, but the hour studies are really good for when I do have the time. I started another hour study the night before we left for Asheville, but had to stop for packing and bedtime. I'm going to make a video showing what I bought while in Asheville. I'm thankful my husband gave me a budget and let me go shopping, because I got some good stuff.

I'm traveling again in 8 days!!! We're going to Miami, which we have an itinerary, and I'm worried about standing out too much with my husband's co-workers. As you know, I'm very much not a preppy follow the rules type of gal. I'm tattooed, have red colored hair and a penchant for wearing black, so I stand out automatically even in jeans in a t-shirt. I'm only required to pack a cocktail dress...which since I stopped drinking 7 months ago, I've called my "water dress". I'm hoping that goes well and I have some art time. I want to bring my watercolor kit, which I upgraded to fit everything into an old toiletry bag for easy traveling, so I hope that goes through TSA easily. TSA makes me nervous...which I think is the general feeling for everyone. Anyway, there will be enough downtime (it's scheduled too...haha) to fit in some fun stuff and hopefully art too. I'm pondering how I'm going to pack my watercolor kit, makeup, clothes, and leave room for trinkets...because you know I'm going to buy some art.

Right now I'm working on a big applique skirt project, which is much more complex than my original idea, because my creative brain likes coming up with complex projects more than doing them. Plus, I'm filming this one! Eghads! What was I thinking. The applique is the long part. Making the panels into a skirt will be easy. This is my 1st sewing video tutorial, so I'm figuring out what's the best way to show how to make something and give helpful info. I have a couple hopefully less intense projects to make too, with written tutorials. Ok I should go now and sew for hours. Wish me luck!


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