The 100 Day Project - 5/100 Pink Peony

I realized quickly that on weekends I won't have time to spend painting for hours. To keep on pace with making something everyday, in this case a painting, I decided on busy days I would make a painting within an hour. On Facebook, I asked friends what their favorite flowers and produce are. One friend picked pink pansies, so I picked that for my 1st study. The petals turn sheer in the light, so it was super tricky to paint from a photo. This one took 45 minutes, which was mostly fussing with the petals and shading. It's not my favorite, but it was a good attempt. You'll see in the next two paintings that I simplified the paintings to fix color, shading and highlight issues. Anywho, to see my progress in my 100 Crafty Lady Days projectfollow me on Instagram. I'll post each creation here, but it might take a few days until I post them.


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