The 100 Day Project - 4/100 Memories of Grandma

This painting is inspired by my limited memories of my Grandma. I say limited, because she passed away when I was 12. However, the few memories I have are vivid and happy. She was a wonderful gardener. She had these huge blue hydrangeas that grew at the back of the house by a huge peach tree and red grape vine. At the front of the house was a big cherry tree and a green grape vine. I remember eagerly awaiting for the fruit to grow in, so we could pluck it and eat it straight from the plants. She had a long sunroom with green plants surrounding the walls and windows. It was a green wonderland really. She also had a few flower gardens, a big veggie garden, crab apple (or as dad called it "crap apple") tree, and a black walnut tree. When I was little they had chickens and rabbits. They ran a tiny farm and boarding house. There was a double garage and storage building. Half the garage was my cousin's which he used to repair motorcycles. The other half stored old stuff like fabrics. Grandma would let me rummage through her old fabric scraps and take pieces home.

Before I get all sniffly from missing her, I would like to mention that she's a huge reason why I sew. I remember her making so many quilts. It felt like every visit she was sewing a quilt. I think dad made her the huge quilt stretcher, which she'd set up in her living room and hunch over the quilt hand quilting it. Her sewing machine was a very old one that sat in a table, and worked with a rocker pedal. When my grandfather died, the only thing I really wanted was her sewing machine. Unfortunately my older cousins claimed it, which was frustrating, because by that time I had a fashion design degree. I did receive this mid-century yellow futon couch that I used to sleep on when visiting. My parents gave me a wardrobe, which I use to store my costumes. Anywho, to see my progress in my 100 Crafty Lady Days project, follow me on Instagram. I'll post each creation here, but it might take a few days until I post them.


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