The 100 Day Project - 1/100 Floral Birdhouse

On Tuesday, April 4th, I started The 100 Day Project, that was recommended by another artist. This is a great project for people who need a creativity boost, or for people like me who already create something daily. For the 1st day, I took a birdhouse I had picked up at a craft swap and gave it an artistic floral makeover. Previously it was light blue with bird and flower decals. I gave it a couple coats of gesso to create a blank canvas. Then, I used a combination of DecoArt paints to give it an artistic floral makeover. The roof is a patchy style I've been using for a couple years now, topped with  a mix of 2 purple and 1 clear glitter paints. The birdhouse body is silver over grey, with a floral design wrapping around. The horizontal edges are a tan with gold glitter overlay. The bottom (including the underneath) is two shades of green. I want to make this a wind chime and hang it on my porch. For now it's sitting on my rocking chair, waiting to be hung.

If you aren't following me on Instagram, you really should be. That's where you'll see these projects before the hit my website. The great thing about this type of projects is that you can share your artwork judgment free, and find other participants by following #the100dayproject. There is another The 100 Day Project site too, where you can register your project here, so those creators can find you. That one has 100 day themes, but you can start anytime which is why registration is good. I've already found some other awesome artists. In the past, I've done year and month long projects where I've made some awesome creative friends through that bond of all doing a these projects. You don't have to be a painter. I'm certainly going to include sewing (mostly applique), and some other projects. A lot of mine will be painting based, as I want to work on some floral composition skills. I plan on doing animals and portraits too. My goal is to projects that I can finish in one day. I work from home and keep my required workload small, so I can work on painting all the things. I might end up selling some of the many paintings that I'll be doing, so definitely check back here and on Instagram for details. I hope you all have a wonderful crafty day. Happy Makery!


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