PAINTING DIY: Easy Water Color Business Cards

Just a quick video to show how I turn my basic white business cards into little pieces of artwork. I used watercolor paints, but I designed this style of card to take inks, paints, and dyes. 3D textures might get snagged in wallets, so I avoid that. I designed the basic cards on Vistaprint. They used to have free business cards once upon a time, but I think they've done away with that for sales and affordable cards. This batch I designed to have basic business info on the front, and my social media info on the back. So far they've been well received and memorable, which is what I'm going for. I've used Vistaprint templates and preset designs in the past, but for my needs they weren't as legible (colors and font size) as I wanted them to be. To solve that problem, I designed them vertical in just back in white, with two sides of info. When people ask me what I do, I can hand them a unique card that's easy to read and speaks to what I really do...ya know, more than just watercolors. Anyway, this is a quick video tutorial on Easy Water Color Business Cards, that you might find helpful.


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