ART DIY: Traveling with Watercolors & a Custom Palette

I love a good road trip where I can throw some art supplies into my bag and create on the go. In the cold months, it's crochet. Man I crocheted a lot this Winter. If the ants I just found in the kitchen are any indication, Spring is here. That means it's travel watercolors time! I actually have a watercolor kit that stays packed. When I can locate a sketchbook and my big palettes, I'm go to go. You can see what exactly I bring with me in my Traveling with Watercolors video.

It did occur to me that having a mini palette that fits in my kit would be cool too. I made one using things that are easily found. The video tutorial for a DIY Watercolor Travel Kit goes over how I made mine and how you can make a custom version for yourself.


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