HOLIDAY DIY: Valentine's Day Ruffled OlyFun Heart Wreath

Whoo, that break was nice. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that despite taking a work break for a month, I have been busy making things. There was a month of a lot of scarves. When I finally got that out of my system, I was back to painting and working on tutorials. Speaking of tutorials, over on Fairfield World, I made this spiffy Valentine's Day Ruffled OlyFun Heart Wreath. It's a no-sew project and beginner level, which is a nice way to glide back into making projects and tutorials.

Also, in Richmond, VA (where I live) I started RVA Craft Clique, a group that gets together monthly to make things. So far we've decorated mugs, customized tote bags, and make cards. For March, we're doing embroidery. Craft tickets for this month's project are $25 and limited, so buy one while you can. We meet at Strangeways Brewing, a local brewery, which has a bar area with beer, lemonade, water, snacks, and lots of table space to sit and make things.


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